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Wood Fencing Decoration Ideas for Spring

Wood Fencing Decoration Ideas for Spring

Sometimes wood fences need a little pizzazz to take them from dull and boring to beautiful and full of personality. This spring is the perfect time to start spicing up cedar fence materials, but before you embark on this project, make sure your wood fencing is in good shape and able to support new additions by replacing anything that is missing, broken, or rotten.

When beautifying wood fences, it’s good to remember that anything that is in constant contact with cedar fence materials can trap moisture between the two surfaces and can lead the wood to rot. It’s a smart idea to regularly check your fence for signs of damage and be on top of cleaning and resealing.

Here are some fun wood fencing decoration ideas:

Outdoor Art

The options for outdoor art that you can buy or create to adorn your wood fencing with are endless. You can hang outdoor art on the inside of the fence to make it seem like your home d?�cor extends into your yard. More hands-on crafts can involve the use salvaged materials, such as wrought-iron work or old window frames, for decoration. For a three-dimensional look that is simple to hang and lightweight, consider weatherproof painted cast resin artwork for your wood fencing (just bring it inside for the winter).

Another great option to hang (or lean if they are too big) on your wood fence are painted wood cutouts. You can find completed cutouts that are ready to hang or make one yourself with a stencil, jigsaw, wood, paint, and paint sealer, or pre-cut pieces that just need to be painted.

Creating a mural, like a landscape, along your fence is great for those who are comfortable with a paintbrush. An easier painting project can involve images of plants and flowers. Stencils also make painting objects, patterns or designs on your fence easier.


Hanging birdhouses in your favorite styles on cedar fence materials can invite birds to come visit your yard. Make sure to use the fence posts rather than the boards to hang the birdhouses as they are stronger and can support the weight of a family of birds.


Wreaths don’t have to solely be confined to the winter decoration category. You can make or buy a spring wreath out of dried grapevines to hang on your fence. You can even go a step further and add your favorite silk flowers to the wreath by securing them with waterproof superglue and coating them with waterproofing canvas spray.

Hanging Baskets

You can add decorative baskets full of flowers to your wood fence posts. A fun spin on this idea is to create live, framed art by installing deep shadow boxes along your fence and adding small pots of plants inside them.


As long as you are not violating any HOA restrictions when it comes to fence height, you can install a decorative trellis on the top of you fence and leave it bare or have climbing vines grow all over it. Adding a vertical trellis on the fence posts is also a fun idea.

Themed D?�cor

Dressing up your fence to go with the seasons or a favorite theme can really add some spice to your wood fencing. You can add flags or ornaments for springtime holidays like St. Patrick’s Day or Easter. If there is a theme you really enjoy, you can add objects and silhouettes that embody that theme to your fence. Just remember to make sure the themed d?�cor that is being hung on wood fences for more than a day is fade-resistant and waterproof.

Transforming your boring wood fencing into a lively and decorative fence will not only enhance your outdoor living space, but will inspire you to enjoy and spend more time in your yard.…

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How to Build a Fence Quickly and Easily

How to Build a Fence Quickly and Easily

When you are pressed for time or money, learning how to build a fence on your own may be the most effective alternative to calling a professional company to do it for you. There are several types of fencing available, so we will share with you the basic steps you need follow so you can build a fence. It is important to consider your design and appearance before you begin building the fence so you are sure you get everything you need. For simplicity’s sake, these instructions are for a wooden fence.

Step One: Measure the Area You Want to Enclose

Measuring the exact space of the area you want to enclose will help you determine how much materials you will need to get to build the fence. Knowing the total area you want to enclose will give you a number of posts you need and help you find a gate the size you need.

Step Two: Gather the Appropriate Materials

Once you have determined the amount of space you will be enclosing, determine the amount of fencing you need, along with the number of posts. You will need: cement, a post digger, a shovel, a sting line, a nail gun, a circular saw, a chop saw, and a level. Once you have all these things on hand, you can begin building the actual fence.

Step Three: Setup and Install all the Fence Posts

Dig the holes 18 inches deep for all the fence posts using the post digger. Set the posts about six feet apart throughout the entire area you want to fence in. After the posts are in the ground, mix the cement and pour it in the holes to keep the posts secure in the ground. Make sure they are plum and level with the ground. Allow the cement to dry and set for 24 hours before continuing with the fence installation.

Step Four: Cut and Install the Fence Rails

Cut two rails to attach to the top and bottom of the posts, four feet away from each other to secure the fencing planks onto.

Step Five: Secure Fencing Material Around Posts

Attach the wooden fence planks to the fence rails at the top and bottom. Continue doing this plank by plank until the entire fence is built. Depending on the planks you have purchased, they may go flush against each other, or they may have a small amount of room between them.

Step Six: Install the Gate to Get In and Out of the Fenced Area

You can either build your own wooden gate, or purchase a prefabricated one. This needs to be attached to the fence post using a hinge. Attach the gate closure to the other fence post. Once the gate is installed, the fence is complete.

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Your Dog Fence Guide

Your Dog Fence Guide

One of the most essential necessities for your dog is having a fence. Selecting one should be given enough thinking and consideration. Dog fences are comfort zones and should be accommodating. It must be functional both as a private place for your puppy where they can be safe and also for training purposes. Like shelter for humans, dog fences should be designed for your pets needs. Oblige yourself in choosing the proper one.

Before availing a dog fence, check first the health history of your pet. Even though containments like portable fence for dogs and electric fence for dogs are safe for most animals, there are quite exceptions particularly if the pet already had previous health problems. If you are unsure whether the fence will cause harm to your pet, it is better to ask a specialist before deciding to buy one. The vet should be able to answer all your concerns and guide you on what specific containment will suit the requisites of your pet.

Another aspect to consider before using containments especially an electric fence for dog is the age of your pet. If it is only about six months old or below, it is advisable to wait at least a year before training your dog with a fence. It is more appropriate to let your pet learn commitment with you before reinforcing this system. It is also important to take into account time management. Are you able to give time to train your dog? If your answer is no then do not avail one. Dog fences are like any other training tool. It takes time and proper handling to work entirely.…

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Tips For Planning a Backyard Pool Party

Tips For Planning a Backyard Pool Party

What is the perfect way to spend a warm summer evening with friends, or to celebrate a summer birthday? A pool party! But before inviting people over for a swim, make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered, especially the safety of your guests.

If you have the right deck design and keep safety a top priority, your backyard pool party can go on without a hitch. Following is a look at some fence and deck design considerations to keep in mind when planning to entertain by the pool.

Fencing and Decking for your Pool

By law, pools are considered an “attractive nuisance,” and the homeowner is responsible for any injuries that occur during its use–even by an unwelcome trespasser. As a result, homeowners often build fences and decks around their pool to make it more secure. If you want to install a new pool or increase the security around an existing pool, consider adding a fence, deck or both.

Remember that your deck or fence will be exposed to a lot of water, so when choosing materials, pick durable, moisture-resistant materials with minimal deterioration. Here are some pool construction considerations:

Secure fencing. An important element of your pool is the fence around it. A fence will prevent uninvited guests–including neighborhood children–from entering your pool, plus it makes it easier for you to monitor who is going in and out during a pool party.

A pool fence should be at least four feet tall, and kids shouldn’t be able to climb under or over it. You could consider a chain link fence installation for this purpose, but make sure the openings are no larger than 1-3/4 inches, to prevent any foot- or handholds.

Finally, the gate should have a self-latching lock and swing away from the pool. Some people recommend installing an alarm that sounds when the gate opens, to alert you whenever a child may be opening it.

Safe decking. If you plan to build a pool into a deck, there are different requirements than there would be for a regular backyard deck. First, you need to use slip-resistant decking materials, such as Endeck PVC decking. Between wet feet and kids splashing water, the deck around a pool can get pretty slick. This is especially true for materials prone to mold or mildew growth, including cedar. Endeck boards have a classic wood grain texture and are resistant to mildew and mold, which helps to minimize the chances your guests will slip and become injured.

Pool Party Decorating Ideas

Now that you’ve secured the infrastructure around your pool, it’s time to start planning the party:

– Decorate the area with tiki statues, garden flamingos, inflatable palm trees or acrylic flowers. Choose brightly colored cloth or floral prints to cover your chair cushions.

– Place side tables next to chairs so your guests have somewhere to put their plates and cups. Make sure plenty of sunscreen is available, and consider putting out waterproof disposable cameras.

– Decorate large tables with grass skirts, fruit bouquets, tropical flowers and seashells.

By planning ahead and keeping safety in mind, your next pool party will be a huge splash.

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Fence – Some Considerations When Choosing a Fence Provider

Fence – Some Considerations When Choosing a Fence Provider

Many businesses and homes have property lines that they would like to have protected or enclosed. Whether you have private property that you would like to enclose, or if you are a business that has security and privacy needs in mind, finding the right fencing option can be an involved decision. There are many different architectural and design needs that must come into consideration when choosing and installing fencing. Finding a business that offers the most professional services with the highest quality results can be difficult. Keeping some key aspects of fence installation when in the market can be of great benefit. Here are some things to consider.

Regardless of your fencing needs, finding a high-quality product is essential. Fencing is meant to stand in the open environment for its entire lifetime so it is vital to find a provider that offers the most exceptional quality products. Many service providers are sure to focus on the needs of the customer. Not only do these fencing providers offer the highest quality products, but many offer installation services as well. If you need to enclose your property with an extensive set of fencing and you would like to pay a professional to do so, you can find a company to meet your specific needs. Many service providers assure that they work with their customers to meet their specific needs. Finding a receptive fencing provider will help you meet your needs more effectively.

Another thing to concern when finding a fence service provider is the type of fencing that will meet your needs. Many fencing companies focus on steel fencing products. This service comes in a variety of forms including chain link fencing, ornamental iron fencing, vinyl fencing and automated gate openers. Depending upon your needs as a customer, different fencing options may meet your needs. For example, if you are looking for an economically friendly option that provides durability and strength, chain link fencing may meet your needs. In addition, this type of fencing is offered in many sizes and colors. Knowing the amount you would like to spend on your project and the type of results you desire can greatly influence your decision.

If you are in the market for a more diverse variety of styles, ornamental iron fencing may be for you. This style can be tailored to match your landscaping and be a complement to the existing architecture of your property. Another advantage of this type of fencing is its resistance to rust and wear. This type of low-maintenance fencing may be more expensive but can be more durable and long-lasting. A similar option durability-wise is that of vinyl fencing. This option allows you a traditional fencing design that resembles wood fencing but is more lasting. Vinyl fencing does not suffer from rust, rot or warping. An additional option is that of automated gate openers. Find a professional who can work with you to design a custom gate for your fencing and your property. Keeping these aspects in mind helps you make an informed decision.

Finally, you may consider the overall services of the fencing company you choose. It is important to consider their focus on your individual needs as a customer. Many strive to work with you individually to make the most informed decisions about your fencing. You can work with a professional to find the most economical solution for your fencing needs and the option that will last you the longest. Finding professionals of this sort can help you enclose whichever portion of your property you desire effectively and at a reasonable price. Keeping these aspects in mind can be of great benefit when making a decision.

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The Electronic Dog Fence Is Easy to Install

The Electronic Dog Fence Is Easy to Install

When we speak of a dog fence, we often think of a physical structure surrounding the area that we can actually see and touch. Due to the technological advancements in the last few years, different types of dog fences are on the market, and we can speak now of invisible dog fences. Although serving the same purpose as the traditional ones, they are invisible.

These electronic devices have, a lot of benefits so let’s look at some of them. First of all, you do not need a traditional fence, thus you will no more spent time, effort and money to built, and after that to maintain functional and aesthetic such physical barrier made from timber, concrete and steel. With the electronic dog fence every thing is simpler, it is so easy to set it up, only needing to install the transmitter in a specific location, to set the boundaries of the area where we want our dog to be contained in and to put the collar around its neck.

All you need to do more is to turn the system on. You have a fully-functioning electronic Dog Fence. installed within minutes instead of the days it takes to make a traditional perimeter fence

The second advantage with the electronic dog fences is that you will not affect the aesthetics of the safe place because you have nothing to build out there. For example, if you want to protect the flower garden with the exotic blooms from the attacks of your dog but you still want to showcase its beauty, the electronic pet fence will accomplish the job.

And the fence can be installed even in those neighborhoods where physical fences are not allowed. Because emergency service like police, fire squads or paramedics need easy access to any location in the area.

There are different types of electronic dog fences. You are then able to choose which one is the most suitable for your needs, preferences and budget.

For the wired systems, the wires buried around the designated perimeter sense the approach of the dog and transmit a radio signal to its collar.

Wireless systems operate on the basis of a central unit emitting the radio signal for the activation of the sound and shock

The GPS based systems require no more central unit or wires to be installed.

Fourthly, you will lessen the accident risks your dog is exposed to when roaming around without proper surveillance. To avoid the unpleasant sensation of the electric shock, your dog will learn to stop approaching the perimeter the moment the collar starts to beep..

You will benefit in the form of greater peace of mind as well as lower costs in getting your dog to the veterinary clinic. Or in spending for the hospital expenses of the people your dog may have bitten, for that matter.

Don’t worry about the electric shocks of the Dog Fence. In general, these are mild shocks although adjustments can be made to account for certain factors.

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Rose Garden Design to Increase the Value and Beauty of the Property

Rose Garden Design to Increase the Value and Beauty of the Property

Learning how to design a garden can be tricky and frustrating. Garden designers take a lot of dedication and attention to design a garden. They design our garden based on clients taste and budget. They design our garden elegant or as simple as we want. Choosing the right plants and location, play an important role in garden design. Garden designers employ a great creativity when they design a garden. With more and more UK residents staying put in the same property for longer – on average, a family lives in one house for over 20 years now – the emphasis on maintaining and doing up a property has changed from saleability to liveability. And top of the list are landscape designs.

A landscape design will not add value to our home. On the contrary it is likely to add quite a lot of value to our home. People are finding that their new liveability upgrades are actually putting a few thousands on the resale value of a house anyway- because any upgrade means that all the stuffs laid in are much newer and therefore more likely to last for a long time. Garden designing also adds a uniqueness and beauty to the outside parts of the home that may otherwise not have been apparent. And uniqueness, it is becoming clear, does make people interested in a house. The primary function of garden design, though, is to make our own outside area or space look and feel personal to us.

The idea of making the home more unique and original is by a proper garden in the space available for it. Besides outlook and climate there is also the choice of color, type and size as well as the addition of companion planting. Roses are a unique flower, and a rose garden design can be turned into something truly stunning. There are a number of reasons why rose gardens are preferred over other flowers, including the sheer number of different types and colors of rose.

Steps to design a rose garden:

– Choosing the color of rose for the garden

– Choosing different types of roses because all rose are not equally made.

There are different types of roses available to grow and plant in our garden. Breeding roses will together produce an even wider spectrum of colors, allowing us to plant a virtual rainbow worth of roses in our garden design. The choices of planting the roses depend on our taste and it varies according to our needs. After planning our garden the next step is to visualize the plan or either draws a rough sketch of it. If you were not able to visualize or draw it’s better to work on software.

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Quality Fence Contractor – Where to Find Them?

Searching for ways of securing your property from robbers and burglars or any kind of criminal who would want to break into your house without your consent can be a very hard thing to do. Many people prefer hiring fence contractor to protect their properties.

They are skilled experts who have the ability to identify the right material composition for residential or commercial barriers you would want to install around your property. You need to find the best ones who will be able to hire employees who can make this task a lot easier and more efficient. They also have the ability to evaluate the material properties, alongside with the budget limits for your project to push through.

However hard it is to find quality fence contractor, there are still some reliable ones which you can settle with. There are many prospects around the area however; you may have encountered the ones who demand higher budget against your estimated allocated funds. While the job is complex, there is absolutely no reason for them to set price way too much the original cost.

You have to find reliable and competent companies who can assess outright what your property needs are. You have to go for those companies which have been in the industry for so many years and have proven their expertise through experience from a wide array of past and present clients. There are companies who have branches sprouting in various states to cater bigger lot of soon-to-be satisfied clients. Be sure to have your eyes on these companies.

Typically, the first thing they would ask you is the type of barrier you would want to install. If you don’t have enough knowledge, the company must be able to assist you throughout the project. Their customer service representative must be able to communicate with you well enough in submitting suggestions for your needs. Settle with metal materials for businesses which need limiting at the top part of the building.

You will be able to combat burglars who would try to make holes and distinct damages as it would be very hard to break. Wooden materials are the best for gardens and residential spaces. They are stylish and economical as well. If you have warehouses, chain links are perfect for these buildings needing heightened security. If your fence contractor has the mastery to guide you with your security issues, then that company deserves your trust.

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Reducing Wild Animal Poaching

On average, 800-1000 elephants die every year around the world due to intense human-elephant conflict. To this must be added the numbers of alternate species that are killed due to their conflict with human settlement. Many hippo, buffalo and antelope are killed due to their ravaging of crops and gardens.

Crop damage is perhaps the most prevalent form of conflict across the African continent. When animals damage food and cash crops, they affect a rural farmer’s livelihoods. Elephants in large groups can destroy large areas of crops in a single night. While animals target staple food crops such as maize, they also damage cash crops such as cotton and cocoa. Crop damage not only affects a farmer’s ability to feed his or her family, it also reduces cash income and has repercussions for health, nutrition, education and ultimately, development.

Any conservation strategy that has the potential to succeed must include efforts to bridge the gap between people and the wildlife with which they share their land, and through the participation and cooperation of the rural people whose lives it will invariably affect. This is clearly illustrated by third world farmers epitomised by those living in the Zambesi Valley Basin, Central Africa who have a particularly hard time trying to grow crops in the dry season. In addition to a lack of water, they have to deal with marauding animals that are looking for food. Elephants, hippo and buffalo routinely raid crops and winter irrigated gardens, trampling them in the process and ruining the harvest. This has forced farmers to abandon dry season farming and resort to illegal game hunting to provide food for their poaching often takes place in adjacent game reserves so these kills could be added to the primary figure resulting from the initial conflict.

In the light of this a series of irrigation blocks were targeted and provided with electric fences by a international aid organisation. These had the capacity to be irrigated to enable villagers to produce food at the height of the dry season when green food is traditionally scarce. The fences constructed were tried and tested 10 strand alternating live and earth wires coupled to high voltage energisers. These fences were tested by the animals on several occasions but were not breached.

In each case the fences eliminated the pressure from wildlife and crop production increased. Families had vegetables to eat during the dry season, and as food production became more secure there was a striking reduction in illegal game poaching in the surrounding game reserves. As a result of this the subsistence farmers were able to spend time on other income generating activities like poultry rearing, beekeeping and carpentry.

A key factor determining the success of a fence is ownership. Any Electric fencing that is constructed and maintained by a government agency will always be viewed as a government fence. The maintenance will be left to the government and the community will take little or no responsibility. Rarely does a government agency have the resources to maintain a fence year after year, and inevitably the fence deteriorates. However, if the community builds a fence (with the cost of materials perhaps subsidised by a donor agency), and the community is responsible for its upkeep, then success may be more likely, because local people have a stake in its success. Nevertheless, many community fences have failed through local maladministration.

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Useful Tips When Building Your Round Rock Fence

If you are looking to do a round rock fence, make sure you have chosen the right materials and contractor to ensure you build it correctly. For round rock fence materials, you can choose from wood, iron, chain link or vinyl fences to satisfy your residential, commercial or institutional needs.

It is really essential to look for a great contractor so you will have great results on your round rock fence. Wood fence is a pretty wise choice. Its timeless quality on your home will be as elegant as the time the fences were created. That is the reason why most experts would suggest wood as a round rock fence. Iron fences are also suggested by experts because it is attractive and durable. As you know, iron is still the best choice when it comes to durability. If you are at a tight budget, you can prefer a chain link as your round rock fence. They are budget friendly, which means that it is less expensive and yet attractive at the same time. Even if chain links are not that expensive, it still posse’s high quality and great durability.

The materials are not really required to be expensive. As long as it is already tested and proven. All you just have to do is make sure you have chosen what the appropriate materials for your fencing needs are. When it comes to contractors, make sure you have chosen a reliable company. Some companies would promise a lot yet they never accomplished anything.

You can search on the internet some good companies who will provide you the best based on your needs, specific to your fencing needs. Choose one who is already known to demonstrate a good job. A company with a good reputation would be highly suggested so you won’t regret anything in the future. And also, some companies offer a wide variety of choices or selections. Always remember to look for a company or contractor that offers great deals so you won’t be have problems on your budget. Choosing a good contractor may be considered a difficult task, but still it should be well handled because it will of course include not just your budget but also your home or business establishment. A beautiful round rock fence alone is not enough. What matters most are its quality, elegance and durability that would last for a long time.