Dog Behavioral Problems – Stop Your Dog Jumping the Fence


Dog Behavioral Problems – Stop Your Dog Jumping the Fence

In our popular series on common dog behavioral problems we are going to train you how to stop your dog jumping the fence. There are number of reasons why dogs do this and we have covered them all.

Unfortunately some dogs like to jump fences for a variety of different reasons and sometimes it might be something as simple as something more interesting happening on the other side. Below are some of the other reasons.

Your dog might have caught a scent of a female on the other side who is on heat and they just have to get to the other side. Separation anxiety is another reason. It is quite common with anxiety issues for dogs to jump fences, chew objects and anything else that relieves their boredom. Your dog may have smelled food on the other side of the fence. Boredom is very often a cause especially with dogs who live alone and have no other method to stimulate them. You may have shouted at your dog when he has jumped the fence and this might be the only attention that he is receiving so he repeats the behavior to get your attention. Remember ignore negative behavior and only reward positive behavior. You could start stopping this problem by removing any objects that your dog is using as a boost to get over the fence. Put an obstacle (another small fence) in the way so that this will stop your dog from getting a run up. Exercise your dog on a regular basis as this will keep him tired and less likely to misbehave. Leave toys to stimulate him when you are not around. Give your dog a chew that is filled with a treat like peanut butter as this will keep his attention.

Congratulations you have just cured one of the most common dog behavioral problems.