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The 10 Commandments of Internet Dating: Part I

Online dating sites is actually a unique globe, ruled by rules, decorum, and a honest signal all unique. Every thriving on line dater knows that the answer meet locals to fuck achievements is a combination of real-world internet dating expertise with awareness and awareness of facets that make online dating a distinctive, unique experience. If you should be discovering it difficult to navigate this complex and difficult world, you aren’t by yourself! Follow these ten fundamental tenets, the 10 Commandments of online dating sites that each and every internet based dater should just take as gospel, and eventually your nascent love life will quickly bloom.

Commandment #1: Thou Shalt Upload An Image

Studies show again and again that profiles with pictures obtain even more views and much more messages than users that don’t function photos. Decreasing to incorporate an image directs every incorrect emails to potential dates – are you presently intentionally hiding the identification? Are you currently embarrassed by your looks? Really does the profile also fit in with a genuine person? Prove that you are sincere, real, and confident, even if you’re not a perfect 10, by posting a photograph that’s flattering not Photoshopped beyond all identification.

Commandment # 2: Thou Shalt Stay Ahead Of The Group

An unforgettable username, snappy headline, and amusing profile significantly help on line. Learn different profiles before composing your very own. You are going to quickly notice that certain expressions like “my pals and family members are essential to me” and “I like having a good time” are every-where. But they you should not show the individuality, they do not tell additional users anything in regards to you, and, worst of most, they are just plain boring! On the other hand, if you should be amusing, distinctive, creative, and engaging, interest in your own profile will dramatically boost.

Commandment # 3: Thou Shalt Maintain The Skeletons From Inside The Wardrobe

There clearly was a period and a spot for discussing past connections together with sordid or traumatic specifics of your own past – as well as your online dating profile definitely isn’t it. Save yourself the serious talks for subsequently, when you are in a well balanced, committed commitment in which you feel comfortable and respected. We all have baggage, but opening up about any of it too-early on will frighten potential suitors away.

Commandment no. 4: Thou Shalt Be Concerned Together With Your Safety

Almost all of online daters tend to be sincere individuals who, like you, are seeking really love with a compatible lover, but that doesn’t mean you could allow the guard down completely. Do not provide individual details to any individual you don’t completely trust, and only satisfy dates in public places. Count on your abdomen instinct usually, and block communication straight away with whoever looks suspicious.

Commandment # 5: Thou Shalt Be Honest Always

Should you expect other people in all honesty with you, it is only reasonable that you are honest using them. You should not upload pictures that are old, maybe not you, or doctored. Never lay about details just like your body weight, career, knowledge degree, earnings, or marital standing. Never pretend you are trying to find a long-term, monogamous relationship if you should be just enthusiastic about casual dating. Incorrect info and myths commonly a solid basis for a relationship.

We’re halfway indeed there! Continue on to “The 10 Commandments of Online Dating: component II” for all the final 5 decrees of online dating sites.

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Perform Girls Like Negative Men?

Throughout background, well-known poor boys have become items of lust for ladies worldwide. Youthful film symbol James Dean, vampire Eric Northman (a.k.a. Alexander Skarsgard) of “real Blood,” stars Russell Crowe and Colin Farrell, singers Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro and rap artist 50 dollar among others.

But carry out girls love poor kids while so, precisely why? Its a subject that is around for generations — since gladiators, fighters and rulers made girls swoon over them and put blossoms into the fantastic Roman Colosseum. This poor males tend to be subtler than the rebels of yesteryear. Obtained an abundance of self-confidence, possibly a tattoo (or 20) and act like there is absolutely no care worldwide.

Women like bad boys because they look inaccessible — as you’d need to be a supermodel, actress or songstress to obtain their interest. And we also all understand that individuals desire whatever can not have. Keep in mind exactly what the moving Stones said? “No, you cannot constantly get that which you want/But if you attempt sometime, you just might find/You get what you need.”

Terrible men tend to be intriguing.

There are scores of reasons a lady may stray toward the poor guys. Possibly she’s looking to get straight back at the woman parents or she does not consider she deserves an enjoyable man. Long lasting reason, men, you have a leg-up performing that which you be sure to, heading in which the wind takes you plus operating infuriating and nonchalant to this girl lusting once you. Why? Because it’s fascinating.

What you ought to end up being a bad boy.

As women, we would like nothing learn more here than currently, bed or reach spend some time making use of the guy into the place that each and every other female has an interest in. That is simply the style of varieties we are. If you’re searching to be a terrible child that women fawn more than, then look into the soon after: a motorbike, the fitness center, adult toys, confidence, tattoos and an air of secret.

Keep in mind, being a quintessential bad son is not exactly the same thing to be a jerk. Girls aren’t thinking about internet dating dudes who are as well stuffed with on their own or you shouldn’t address other individuals with admiration. But we certainly never care about internet dating a guy whom rocks black colored fabric jackets and looks slightly out of the group. So men, capture my advice and channel your internal James Dean.…

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OSHA 10 Hour Construction Online Course: 10 Things You Have to Know

We can all agree that safety is the top priority in every industry. Whether you work as an accountant or are demolishing houses, your workplace needs to be secured from danger.

The OSHA 10-hour construction online course is an essential practice for everyone who is aimed at an occupation in the industry. First and foremost, you need to know everything about safety in your profession. This, as well as your skills, will account for a long, blooming career.

Below are the 10 things everyone interested has to know on the topic, one for every hour of learning you will have during the OSHA 10 Hour Construction course.

1. What Is OSHA?

OSHA is the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. It’s in charge of workplace safety control by stating certain standards for all the workers to be healthy and safe during construction and other industry-specific works.

It was established in 1970, as the OSH Act was introduced. After lengthy research, it turned out many workplaces weren’t nearly as safe as they have to be. Toxic chemicals, excavation problems, all kinds of hazards, and their consequences weren’t avoided in many cases simply because workers didn’t know about them.

The Act controls that every employer provides a safe workplace for the people working for them.

2. What Are the OSHA Standards?

These standards describe the safety cautions companies have to implement in their workplaces. As different fields use OSHA guidelines, they vary from industry to industry. In brief, the standards include:

  • Limiting dangerous chemical exposure;
  • Ensuring there are no mechanical or other dangers;
  • Keeping track of all injuries in the workplace;
  • Noting all the illnesses;
  • Methods of coping with difficult situations and dangers.

Some niches that use the guidelines are construction and maritime. 

Along with the aforementioned rules, every business has to comply with the General Duty Clause. It requires every employer to avoid using any serious potentially hazardous substances on-site.

3. What’s Learned in the Course?

You will have knowledge of all the main objectives of the course, including:

  • OSHA introduction;
  • Struck and caught hazards;
  • Fall protection;
  • Electrical safety;
  • Ladder safety;
  • Scaffold safety;
  • Crane safety;
  • Excavation safety;
  • Personal protective equipment, etc.

Other important specifications are included, along with an exam at the end to check your knowledge and potentially issue a DOL card and a certificate of completion for you.

4. What a DOL Card?

The OSHA 10 hour DOL card is a card issued by the United States Department of Labor to beginner construction workers and everyone qualified. It’s also called a completion card or an OSHA card.

Most employers nowadays require workers to have the card to be able to work with them. This is understandable since safety is the top priority when it comes to any field of construction.

5. How to Get a DOL Card?

To get the card, you simply have to successfully complete the course using a certified platform. You can take either the 10-hour or 30-hour program to be able to receive the card.

6. Who Is the 10-Hour Course for?

The course is for every worker who enters the following niches:

  • Building development;
  • Demolition;
  • Construction;
  • Other niches of the construction industry.

Keep in mind that OSHA doesn’t consider the course an obligatory one. However, many companies require a certificate and a DOL card for you to qualify as a candidate for the job.

We say it’s essential that you get all this knowledge from certified professionals and become one at the end of the program.

7. What Will I Be Able to Do After the Course?

You will be able to understand the importance of the standards, identify all kinds of hazards connected to your occupation, work with excavation safely, and more. You will also know all the important terms of the industry and how to use them properly.

Basically, this is a full guide for every worker entering the industry. It won’t give you practical experience, but it will cover the theory part and give valuable recommendations and regulations by the Administration.

8. Is It Online-Only?

Yes, online OSHA courses are based on online platforms. It’s very convenient and quick, as you don’t have to go anywhere. Given the current situation, learning online is the best choice you can make. 

Full safety, the comfort of your home, and clear information with lots of media materials to learn from. That’s what you get for the prize, plus official documentation as you successfully complete the course.

9. How Much Time Do I Have to Finish the OSHA 10-Hour Safety Course?

Although the course only lasts for 10 hours, you have as many as 180 days to complete all the assignments and pass the examination. As you succeed, which we hope you’ll do, you will get an official certificate and a DOL card.

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Classes of Water Damage

Water damage restoration costs vary depending on the damage that occurred. The process is divided into five steps. First, learn about the equipment used to restore damaged properties. And stay safe from the potential health hazards of standing water. Read on to learn more about water damage restoration costs. Now that you know what water damage restoration costs, let’s talk about the steps involved in the process. Let’s begin with an assessment of the damage. What kind of damage has occurred?

The Class of damage determines the cost of water damage restoration

The amount of damage caused by water is classified as a “class” by water restoration professionals. Each class is based on the type of water and its extent. For example, the least expensive damage category is clean water, while the most costly is “black water,” which contains sewage and other toxic debris. A home typically needs water damage restoration after a class 1 or 2 events. However, repair costs are higher if a more extensive flood has caused severe damage.

The cost of water damage restoration services varies from job to job. The average water damage restoration job can cost between $1,000 and $5,000. While no two restorations are alike, there are specific guidelines you can follow to reduce the cost. For example, the cost of clean water extraction may only be $150 for minor damage, while gray water removal costs between $4.10 and $5 per square foot. It may have small amounts of contaminants, resulting in color corruption and health risks.

Five steps of the water damage restoration process

Many homeowners face the challenge of dealing with water damage. When your home is flooded or soaked, water damage restoration should start as soon as possible. This process involves several steps to bring your home back to its pre-damage condition. These steps are outlined below, in order of importance. Read on to learn more about these steps and how you can start the process. First, you should determine what type of water damage you’ve experienced.

The first step of water damage restoration involves removing excess water. The next step is to dry the area and dehumidify it. After these steps, you should clean and wipe the affected areas. Water damage restoration specialists will use specialized equipment to remove any excess water. You should also be aware that the restoration process can be extensive. It may require hiring a team to clean up the affected areas. The process begins by assessing the extent of water damage and the scope of the repairs needed.

Equipment used in the water damage restoration process

There are several different types of water damage restoration equipment. Of course, equipment such as pumps and dehumidifiers is essential for water damage restoration, but what are some of the most commonly used? This equipment may not be immediately apparent, but it can make a big difference in the success of your water damage restoration job. Listed below are some more common items you may encounter in water damage restoration.

A high-volume water pump is an essential piece of water damage restoration equipment. It can remove large amounts of water quickly and efficiently while also minimizing dirt, mud, and other debris from the area. Water Damage specialists typically use high-volume pumps. Water pumps can be the most effective equipment depending on the extent of water damage. Water damage restoration technicians can also utilize water pumps to extract standing water from areas that have been flooded.

Health hazards of standing water

Standing water can have a variety of health hazards, including the presence of bacteria. In addition, as water soaks into the porous materials of a home, it can attract insects, rodents, and even dangerous mold. These insects, rodents, and bacteria can spread disease, so these water hazards are not only unsightly but also dangerous to your health. Here are a few ways to stay safe from the dangers of standing water during water damage restoration.

Stagnant water is a breeding ground for bacteria and parasites, so getting rid of it as soon as possible is essential. Bacteria proliferate in moist environments, so even clean water can become a breeding ground for dangerous parasites and bacteria. Standing water can also attract mosquitoes, high-risk breeders carrying blood-borne diseases like malaria. Therefore, you should immediately remove any standing water from your home or business.

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How to Choose the Appropriate Excavator

Wondering what building equipment construction companies can’t do without? No doubt, this is an excavator. Still, not only companies, but hired workers should have this tool in their arsenal. That’s why building equipment rental services are at the peak of popularity.

With all the available brand choices on the market, it may be challenging to pick the appropriate option. It is better to select a credible partner you can trust and who will constantly supply you with all necessary parts for repairing and improvements further. So, we created a detailed guide on how to choose the right size excavator and the hottest rent excavator digest to meet all your needs.

How to Choose the Right Size Excavator

Initially, let’s look up main excavator kinds to understand what exact type you should focus on within searches.


These are highly maneuver and mobile, making them ideal choices for delicate works and plots of limited space. Moreover, they are lightweight from 2100 pounds to approximately 10 tons.


Standard excavators weighing from 10 to 45 tons are multipurpose and match almost any space type. Despite heaviness and possible land damage, they are easily transportable and sturdy.


You can’t come across such excavators in the urban area as significant industrial and manufacturing constructions are their destination. Reaching up to 95 tons, their movement to each job site can be laborious and costly.

Digging, lifting, and carrying high-quality performance depends on definite specifications. Thus, consider essential characteristics to determine what excavator size best fits your job.

Engine power 

A powerful engine is just the necessity for going around the building plot and performing tasks. To be more precise, check the bore and piston stroke to compare various engines’ strengths.


Prioritize the operating weight, including driver, equipment and loading. Too heavy machines may considerably damage the site.


It is essential the excavator can be comfortably placed on the plot. Commonly, machines’ tonnage defines their sizes.

Bucket capacity

This point is decisive since the bucket type and its utmost capacity establishes what job it is suitable for.

Why a Mini Excavator Is the Best Decision?

Though large and standard excavators prevail with their power, sometimes it isn’t enough. Compared to huge machines usage, mini excavators rentals are beneficial via the following range of advantages:

Little damage 

Owing to their lightweight and compact design, mini versions leave minimal tracks and harm the ground less.


If a job site is tight in space, crowded or involves maneuvering through gates, only a mini excavator can handle it. 

Easy to transport

You don’t need to worry about excavator movement since a utility truck or a small trailer is fit for loading.

Comfortable weight

With an operating weight of fewer than 10 tons, you mustn’t have a special driver’s license, the Class C is entirely suitable. 

The Hottest Rent Excavator List

Regarding all the characteristics, we have selected the most superior excavators for rent.

Mini-mini excavator Wacker Neuson 803

Its small size, rubber tracks, 3-cylinder diesel powerful engine, twin pump hydraulic system with oil cooler and foldable ROPS just can’t leave you indifferent. Having all these top-notch features, Mini-mini Wacker Neuson 803 may effortlessly demolish and excavate in tight areas. Moreover, it is incredibly stable and, thanks to its compactness, will perfectly handle inside buildings’ works.

Mini excavator Sany SY35U

If you strive for an all-in-one excavator, Sany SY35U is just the thing. Furnished with multiple work modes, a fully closed cab with high-tech control system and a durable frame, the excavator may readily cope with all earth-moving and road-building jobs. It is an excellent mixture of speed, power and smoothness.

Sany SY50U Excavator

It is heavier and greater than previous ones, but at the same time enables bigger power and speed regulated with the up-to-date system of different work modes. Besides, thanks to the zero tail swing radius of Sany SY50U, inaccessible areas become achievable. In addition, maintenance will be highly convenient since the excavator has a removable radiator screen.

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Fencing and Decking Materials: 5 Resolutions for Better Maintenance

Fencing and Decking Materials: 5 Resolutions for Better Maintenance

Home maintenance is one of the most popular themes found in New Year’s resolutions – right up there with fitness and finance. To prolong the life of your fencing and decking materials, and to create a more enjoyable outdoor living area, promise yourself you’ll accomplish these tasks in the next year.

1. Care for your deck furniture

Give your deck a little TLC. Here’s how to care for patio furniture according to construction material:

Cast and wrought iron: Rust should be sanded away. Once all rust is gone, apply a fresh coat of paint.

Molded plastic furniture: Clean it with soap and water, let it dry, and then apply a layer of car wax.

Outdoor fabrics: These may be cleaned with a bleach dilution. Be sure you store outdoor fabrics inside over the winter months to prevent mold.

Wicker furniture: Clean it with a pressure cleaner set to a low pressure setting.

Wood furniture: Clean stains with a white vinegar solution. Clean pieces should be stained and sealed, just like cedar decking or fencing.

2. Conduct a cedar decking stability check, for safety.

The North American Deck and Railing Association reports that between the years 2000 and 2006, 30 Americans were killed by deck collapses and another 2,000 people were hurt. Follow these steps to check the safety of your deck – doing so could save lives.

How to check the safety of cedar decking:

First, look at support mechanisms. Examine the beams and posts that hold up your decking. Using a metal tool, tap decking materials to check for dry rot, which will give way under a solid clunk. Also notice any splitting wood. Both of these circumstances call for a thorough examination from a decking professional. You should also contact a decking contractor if your deck feels unstable.

Check out the area where the house connects to the deck. Decking contractors can vouch that one of the most common areas of structural failure is the ledger board, where the deck connects to the house. Examine your ledger board, looking for loose or missing bolts. Call your decking contractor if you find any problematic connections.

Finally, see if all guards and rails are strong and sturdy, look for rust and corrosion, and arrange a municipal assessment by asking a city worker or decking contractor to assess the safety and legality of your deck.

3. Add a patio cover.

If you need more livable space, a patio cover can be an affordable solution. A patio cover creates a protected outdoor area that can be comfortable year-round, especially if you add a patio heater. It can also help reduce your deck’s exposure to the elements, thus prolonging its life.

4. Reseal (and stain) cedar fence materials.

If you want to preserve your cedar fence materials, you’ll need to reseal them every year. Some years may also require a fresh layer of stain. While you’re taking care of the fence, why not tackle your cedar decking materials too? In moist locales like the Pacific Northwest, wood products must be sealed against winter rains; otherwise, rot will set in.

5. Put in an under-deck drainage system.

Chances are that the zone underneath your deck suffers drainage problems and pest infestations. There’s an easy solution, though: installing an under-deck. An under-deck is a piece of pre-molded vinyl that is custom made, and therefore fits your deck precisely. It protects your home by pulling away water while also preventing pests from building their nests under your deck.…

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Take A Look At Underground Dog Fences

Take A Look At Underground Dog Fences

Do you ever feel the need to protect your dog? Is your beloved dog a menace to its surrounding area or a hazard to itself? If this is the case, it is often recommended that an owner will protect their pesky pet by giving them a garden boundary. There are many methods; wooden fencing, pens and cages, but one of the more controversial and frowned upon methods is electric fencing.

Electric fencing is quite simply a method of containing your dog in a specific and predetermined area by giving them a shock which is intended to surprise them, rather than hurt them. It is set by the owner and is invariably used to hold the dog in its boundaries. There are several methods of doing so.

One of the most popular methods is an electric wire fence. A conductor is used to earth the wire and give it a current, this will give your mischievous dog the small, sharp shock it may need to remain within its allotted area and behave itself. The wire can be easily placed to suit the dog’s needs and can convince even the most Houdini of hounds to rethink their bid for freedom. However, if your dog is a thinker, then it may discover a method around its confines. It can discover that by jumping, it doesn’t get a shock if the wires it touches are live and he’s not on the ground. To solve this, another strand of conductor is run along the fence at the nose-height of the animal and is attached to the earth stake only and not to any of the other lines. When the dog jumps through, even though it is completely off the ground, it will earth out the current by touching the earth wire and a live wire and will therefore receive a shock.

Another method is by getting an electric net fence. It provides a wall around the dog to stop its willful escape attempts, and is not only a stimulus deterrent, but a visual one as well. However, one of the main concerns with this method is how easily the current can seep from the net and into the surrounding area, predominantly attacking nearby vegetation. If this occurs, the main concern is the lack of current running through the net which will invariably result in a much less ‘shocking’ affect on the dog. Due to this it is quite common for the dogs to bolster enough courage to burst through the net or dig under it. The result can end with your cheeky canine gallivanting around the near vicinity and endangering themselves and others.

To truly treat your pet with the respect and love it deserves, boundaries and strict training needs to occur to ensure they lead a happy and healthy lifestyle. While restrictions are always a sensible idea, it is not requisite to cage in your pet. By using efficient training methods and firm yet gentle guidance, your dog can be trained to respect its masters wants and guidance and will allow man and beast to live to the age old adage of being ‘best friends’.

For any further recommendations on safe and efficient methods of restricting your dogs access to unwanted areas, it would be best to seek advice from your veterinary surgeon as the best methods for your dog.…

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Wireless Pet Fence – How it Works

Wireless Pet Fence – How it Works

A wireless pet fence is a system that helps to keep your pet contained within a certain containment area. These are generally used for dogs and not cats or smaller pets. The system is comprised of a transmitter and a collar which you place on your dog. If the dog wanders outside of the boundary of the transmitter, he will receive a harmless and quick shock.

The cost outlay for a wireless system is far less than traditional fencing and just as effective. The only drawback is that these systems have a circular range and generally cover only a portion of a yard, but only if it is a certain size and is symmetrical. If you have a larger yard or a farm, you may want to use a wired system because it is more flexible for shape.

Many dog owners choose a wireless pet fence for its easy installation. You do not have to dig a perimeter around your yard and bury any electrical wire. Set up for a wireless pet fence takes no time at all and the signals are designed to transmit through walls and other solid surfaces. You simply plug the transmitter into an outlet and put the corresponding collar on your dog. The collar is tuned to the transmitter and if your dog wanders too far away from the transmitter, a short warning tone will sound. If the dog continues to move away from the transmitter, he will receive a correction with a quick and harmless electrical shock.

It is simple to train your dog what the tones on his collar mean, and you can help him to recognize the boundary of the containment area by placing small flags around the edge of the yard where the transmitter signal reaches.

Dogs are fast learners and it will take no time at all before your dog knows that he must not move past the flags that are planted around the yard’s perimeter. Dogs that constantly “test” your system may need an actual wired system, but a wireless system is a good starting point.

Another really great advantage of a wireless pet fence system is that it is portable. You can simply unplug the transmitter and take it with you when you visit friends, go on vacation, or wherever you are taking your dog.

Some dogs get to the point where you just need to set up flags and put the collar on, without the transmitter even being plugged in.…

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5 Ugly Fence Solutions

5 Ugly Fence Solutions

If you have a fence around your home, it’s likely the first thing someone will encounter when approaching your property. How does your fence greet visitors? Is it pristine and well kept, or neglected and in disrepair? The state of your fence can effect the overall appearance of your home a great deal. Here are some ways to deal with an ugly fence.

1. Learn to love it.

In the right setting, an old fence can sometimes bring a rustic charm to your yard. With a little imagination and the right accessories, you may be able to use an ugly fence in an attractive way.

Believe it or not, some areas actually hold contests for the ugliest fence installation. Salem, Oregon, for example, has an “Ugliest Fence Contest”. If you have an exceptionally ugly fence, why not make the most of it?

2. Repair it.

Cedar fence materials turn gray and begin to splinter, crack or rot over time, if not properly maintained. Depending on the state of your fence, you may be able to reverse some of this damage with a little hard work. The first thing to do is to replace any broken boards. After that, you will need to deep-clean the remaining fencing materials.

Take a stiff-bristled brush and oxygen bleach cleaner to the fence’s surface to remove any mold or mildew. An oxalic wood brightener can help restore the wood to its original color by removing rust and tannin stains.

A pressure washer is a quick way to clean your fence. However, too high of pressure can damage soft wood, like cedar fence materials. To reduce the wear on your fence, use a low pressure setting with a wide nozzle. Be sure to keep the spray moving, as holding it in one spot for too long can strip away too much material.

Once you’ve thoroughly cleaned the fencing materials and they’ve had time to dry, apply a fresh coat of stain to help preserve the wood.

3. Plant privacy plants.

Shrubs and other thick plants are a long-term solution to concealing your fence. The drawback is that you have to wait for privacy plants to grow before they offer any concealment. If you’re looking to conceal your fence, evergreen shrubs will remain consistent year round, while deciduous ones won’t. While faster growing shrubs will have a quicker effect, they will also need to be trimmed more frequently.

4. Trellis panels.

Another option is to cover ugly sections with trellis panels. These provide a decorative cover, and allow you to cover them with attractive climbing plants.

5. Start over.

If your fence is in especially bad shape, you may be better off tearing it down and starting over. If you do decide to start over with a new fence, this may be an opportunity to switch to a different fencing material that doesn’t require as much maintenance, such as aluminum or vinyl.…

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Wooden Fencing Essentials – A Few Tips

Wooden Fencing Essentials – A Few Tips

Over the years, fencing has become a popular pastime for many garden enthusiasts around Britain. If one enjoys planting trees and getting their fingers green, that person is at some time most likely to try their hand at fencing. Many people without prior knowledge are often successful in the initial construction but actually find that many years down the line, the fence begins to look old and withered.

Things you need to know

To construct and install a fence properly requires years of experience and skill for a successfully erected project. There are tricks that specialist companies use that the average person would not know, so it is always wise to consult a professional company before trying to build the fence yourself.

One thing that many people seem to overlook is the season in which they are installing the fence. If for example when digging the post holes in the damp months before spring, and the frost comes it can actually damage the foundations of the post if the hole has not been dug correctly.

The hole needs to be of an equal size at the top and the bottom. Naturally people tend to dig holes that are larger at the top than the bottom; consequently resulting in a triangular water hole that will eventually create a top heavy foundation during icy temperatures.

Never allow fence panels to make contact with the ground. The reason for this is that when the wood touches the damp earth or soil, it will naturally absorb moisture, eventually causing damage to the panels.

So, remember these important tips if you are thinking about doing it yourself. If you don’t feel completely comfortable then it is advisable to hire a professional for your wooden fence installation.…