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Split Rail Fence Gate

Split Rail Fence Gate

If you decide to build your Split Rail Fence Gate on your own then that goes without saying that you will have the gate on your own as well. Although there are probably pre-made fence entrances but chances are, the materials used for this fence entrances may not be the same with that you used with your fence. If you are into uniformity then you very well know how important it is the use the same type of material for the fences and the gate at the same time.

Simple Steps Split Rail Fence

Yes, you are done with the Split Rail Fence Gate, but how will you get started with the fence entrance? Here are some simple steps to help you.
First, you must construct the frame of your Types Of Fence entrance. When constructing the fence entrance, make sure that the width is narrower than the width between the gateposts. This will allow your gate to open and close freely. The frame should be at least 2 inches narrower. In order to ensure that the distance is consistent from the top to the bottom of the fence entrance frame you will have to measure it from the top, middle, and bottom part.

Second, to make sure that your Split Rail Fence Gate entrance is square you need to make a diagonal measurement from the top corner to the bottom corner of the opposite side. If the measurements do not match you will have to do some adjustments until it matches perfectly. To prevent sagging and in order to keep your gate square you can install a piece of wood that runs diagonally or you can use steel brackets to hold the frame together.

Third, once the gate frame is finished you can now start attaching the boards accordingly. You can opt to put the boards vertically or horizontally. You can secure the boards using screws or nails. Once the boards are in place, you are now ready to install the fence entrance.

Fourth, it is now time to install the gate. Position the gate to your desired height. If no one is there to help keep the gate up while you attach the hinges, you can always use a brace to keep in place as you attach it to the posts.

The secret to a beautiful gate that last for years is proper installation. Installing your gate properly can keep it from sagging or bending.