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Beauty Sky Sanitizing gates / tunnels

Developed with 3rd generation advanced technology, Beauty Sky has provided DM approved disinfection gates and sanitizing tunnel for individual’s safety in public areas with the most updated models.

Sanitizing tunnel and disinfection gate are quite easy and safe to transport and install like a plug and play unit with no required special process. Both products provide 360-degree surface disinfection with anti-drip nozzle as a solution for liquid conservation. Due to successful tests and practices, each unit would disinfect minimum 1000 persons passing individually depending on the size of tanks.

Beauty Sky S Series (Black Edition)

Sanitizing Tunnel Supplier in Dubai

Developed into 3rd generation with latest technology this product is with high quality mist system that generates 50 to 100bars and create dense steam with 0.2mm filtered anti-drip nozzle produce dense particles with size of 10-15 microns that mostly suspend on air which makes less waste & efficient consumption and more effective with 360 degree coverage for the individual .

The system is complete with comprehensive solution to strong and multilayer flooring with inbuilt drainage system especially for indoor area. This model is with elegant and luxury design for VVIP areas.

  • Strong and Stylish
  • Best for Indoor and Outdoor Area
  • Less Noise
  • Concealed Built in Container
  • Concealed built in collector tank for Drainage
  • System is activated by motion sensor with Pre-set timer
  • Adjustable pump operating pressure
  • Level indicator for disinfectant refilling.
  • Equipped with heavy duty wheels for ease of mobility.
  • Customized branding upon request.
  • Disinfects up to 500 persons per one filling of built-in container (40L).
  • Body temperature scanner with face Recognition (Optional)
  • Adjustable mist activation time
  • Anti-slip ramp/Handicap friendly

Beauty Sky A Series

The product is manufactured with high quality durable frame and with proper cladding suitable for indoor and outdoor condition.

Beauty Sky Sanitizing Gates A series

The system generates 50-100bars and create dense mist with 0.2mm filtered anti-drip nozzle produce dense particles with particle size of 10-15 microns that mostly suspend on air which makes less waste & efficient consumption and more effective with 360 degree coverage for the individual.

  • Designed for minimum consumption with maximum coverage
  • Quick and efficient
  • Best for indoor and outdoor
  • System activated by sensor with pre-set timer
  • Affordable price
  • Anti-slip ramp/handicap friendly
  • Adjustable mist Activation time
  • Body temperature scanner (optional)

Beauty Sky’s professionally manufactured and designed sanitizer tunnel and disinfection gate are being served many sectors in UAE at governmental organizations, corporate accounts, malls, chain stores, banks, schools, utilities, factories and etc.

Client Reference

  • The Dubai Mall
  • EMAAR Finance Office
  • EMAAR Business Park
  • EMAAR Square Building 3
  • EMAAR Square Building 2
  • Address Fountain View
  • Marina Mall
  • Hotel Address Sky View
  • Dubai Real Estate Center
  • Noon
  • Vida Academy
  • The Greens EMAAR Business Center
  • Gold and Diamond Park

Contact :

Dubai Head Office
Unit 609, Fifty One Tower,
Business Bay,Dubai, UAE
Mob: +971 555577361
Tel: +971 4 4269000
Fax: +971 4 4308353
Email: [email protected]

For further information about Beauty Sky products, please feel free and try: and submit your inquiry via cotact us!

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Simple Wall Decor Ideas That Will Bring Your Empty Walls To Life

Wall decorating can do much to liven up a room. Any man or woman can do this job to fit his own specific tastes. The styles that are available for this are many. What they do is give the wall a unique feeling compared to other decoration styles. Whether it is large sized art or creating a wall filled with art you can add much to it. The ideas come in many forms, and even livening up a room with wallpaper is chosen. The person can do a lot to bring the mood up higher than before. Each style also says something about that person that is unique. Giving the room a look that only they may see when at his or her home.

Those who use large sized paintings or photography fill a space well. They make the wall a place with abundant art. While just providing a single piece that covers the whole area. It can show his taste in art and be viewed just once at the same time. Homeowners can also create a gallery wall that uses up much of the space it has. This takes a collection of art pieces that fill an area well. For those wanting to be specific they may choose certain kinds. For example cowboy art can be chosen and used in a group selection. His entire wall can be used with this style, to get just the right kind of feeling he wants.

For adding much to a wall space he may create an accent wall to it. This can be done by painting the entire wall with bold paint colors. Or his wall can have wallpaper or stenciling to get this job done. It takes covering the entire of the wall with the chosen style. While brightening up a space to give the area the entire focus of the wall. This also does well on small spaces that become much more lively. The use of showcase fabric will add pattern and texture to a room. This is done with the use of a tapestry, or a wall hanging on it. It can give a sense of softness while using the unique design that it has. Also a good recommendation is using wall mirrors to enhance an area. This will reflect light and add brightness to the room. The idea of it is for simple yet elegant taste. Any art piece can be used with different style frames for them. They can get fitted with frames for matching any specific style they want.

Also having a wall mural painted on it gives it more to view. The person can paint it himself or get a wall covering to use there. It will be to cover the whole area, using art that is very creative. The focus goes on an entire area, using a mural they decide reflects their home well. All wall art gives a certain feeling to the home. When a person decides on a style it will show a little about themselves. While also being a little representative of the kind of home they live in.

People want to choose a style they can turn into something unique. Those who live in the west or in ranch style homes may want cowboy art in it. It is the style they choose that reflects their personality best. That is why different choices are good to analyze. They can be what people remember after a visit to their home. Then it could be how they think of that person in the future. Using good wall decor matches the personality well.