Razor Wire Fence For Added Security

Razor Wire Fence For Added Security The razor wire fence is a kind of fence…

Razor Wire Fence For Added Security

The razor wire fence is a kind of fence that is made with very sharp points or edges and arranged at intervals along what is known as strands. It is mostly used during trench warfare as a form of wire obstacle. There are some who also use it to build less costly fences and on the top of walls that surround a building or property. For these wires, if you try to go over them, you may suffer injury or some level of discomfort. Let us examine it more carefully.

The good thing about the razor wire fence is that is easy to construct and very fast to erect by even people who are not skilled. All that it requires is a fixing device like staples, wire and fence posts. These days they are used in a lot of countries in the rain forests to divide different portions of people’s lands. There are those that are galvanized so that they would last long. The wires are also high-tensile which are made with thinner but with high strength steel. These wires fences can easily cope with contractions and expansions that are caused by animal and heat pressure. Because of its spring nature, it could prove difficult to handle.

In order to prevent crossings by human beings, there are a lot of prisons and other tight security installations that make use of the razor wire fence. This particular one normally comes with near-continuous cutting surfaces which are enough to cause injury to those climb it and are also unprotected. Just like any other fence, the razor wire fence would need gates in order to allow for the passage of people, farm implements and vehicles. There are some who would like to use the softer wire in construction which is easier to work. However this is not very durable and is therefore suitable for spans that are short like gates and repairs.

The razor wire fence is gradually becoming the preferred form of fencing for those rearing cattle. Normally the wire is aligned under the tension between braced, heavy fence posts and then this is held at the right height. They are also attached to battens and wooden posts or even steel star posts. For these wires, the good thing is that after buying the right components, you can install them yourself. This would help you save some money.