The Advantages of Wrought Iron Fences

The Advantages of Wrought Iron Fences

Fences serve a number of purposes for most people. Security and privacy are two of the most common, but the decorative and ornamental factors shouldn’t be discounted. If you’re looking for something that will give your home a certain elegance, wrought iron fences are a good choice.

Iron is a long-lasting material, generally much longer than other types of fencing such as wood or vinyl, and it is very difficult to break into. It’s much more durable, not only to the elements and day-to-day wear, but also to unexpected events like a car accident that winds up hitting your fence.

One of the big advantages of wrought iron fences is the choice you have when it comes to the design of the fence. Because iron can be shaped into almost any design, you can create a real work of art with your fence. A talented designer can integrate all kinds of curves and other unique patterns that would be extremely difficult or impossible to duplicate with any other material.

Wrought iron isn’t strictly used for fences, either. It can be used for other things in your home, such as curved staircases, balcony railings and other such features. These things can be designed to match any outside fencing, as well, to give your home a consistent design, inside and out.

Another advantage of wrought iron when compared with many other materials is the ease of maintenance. While this type of fence is generally more durable and longer lasting than most others, over time it can become worn looking, whether from chipping paint or other damage. These types of damage can be fixed quite easily, without having to replace the entire fence.

The main disadvantage of wrought iron compared with some other materials is that it generally doesn’t provide as much privacy. Because the designs tend to be more open, people on the outside will be able to see through the fence with little or no effort.