How to Choose the Best Dog

How to Choose the Best Dog There is no doubt that a pet is very…

How to Choose the Best Dog

There is no doubt that a pet is very near and dear to us. And everyone likes to think that theirs is the best breed. But with all due respect to all dogs, you have to be certain that the pet dog you choose is the right breed that will suit your life. So when it comes to where to buy pets from- make sure you find a breeder who will take the effort to screen the puppies or the dogs to make the best possible match for you, and will even give you some form of guarantee, as long as you also do your part.

That said; let us consider certain factors before you get a pet. First is the time factor. How much time can you devote to your pet? If you are a busy person, and you don’t have much time to devote to your dog make sure that you don’t get puppies.

Another issue would be affordability. Buying the dog is the cheap part. Make sure you can afford feeding the dog well and not to ignore medical emergencies, annual wellness checks and inoculations.

Next is your lifestyle. Understanding your own requirements is imperative. Bear in mind that size is not always relevant when it comes to energy and exercise levels a dog requires. Many smaller breeds are more active and energetic than some giant breeds.

Another issue is grooming, and all breeds of dog need grooming. So if you are a cleanliness freak consider a breed with lower shedding. Don’t get fooled by the coat length. A breed with short-coat can shed just as much as a long coated one.

Another very important issue is housing. A dog is a social animal, and getting a dog and having it chained in your backyard under a hut is no good housing. They should be part of the family and if you get a well trained dog, it is perfectly capable to have them live with you as a family. There are a number of stylish pet beds available and you can choose one that brings sophistication to any room at home. And be it indoors or outdoors, make sure your pets are secure. There are countless innovative pet safe products to make this possible.

Remember, bringing up your pup is a big responsibility and commitment to fulfill. They are intelligent as well as sensitive. And it is your responsibility to ensure that it is socialized and well trained. They all have the inherent capacity to learn, and many dog owners and trainers like to use a specific language while training. But German language seems to be more popular because German dog commands are short and distinct, and sound more forceful than their English counterpart. But that doesn’t mean you can’t use English. However, stick with one.

An important note-it won’t respond well to harsh training methods. But if you treat them with love, you’ll get it back in bucket loads. That’s a promise!