Plastic Fence Installation For the Do it Yourself Homeowner

Plastic Fence Installation For the Do it Yourself Homeowner This can be a pretty big…

Plastic Fence Installation For the Do it Yourself Homeowner

This can be a pretty big home improvement project for the neophyte handyman, and may take some research and education on your part before installing a new plastic fence for your family. There are several steps to prepare your property for the addition or re installation of a perimeter protection system, and skipping any steps could create a huge mess, and a quite costly one at that in the end.

There are plenty of books available online, and even a few instructional videos that you can invest in to make this a less anxiety ridden construction job. Good preparation is key to creating a sound install that looks professional, and will last as long as you need. The proper digging of the post holes, lining up the posts and anchoring them with cement, or concrete, while making sure they all stay level will be the most daunting task of the job, as even professional installers will have a hard time doing this on occasion. The depth of each posthole will not be the same as you are working with the contour of your property, and that will change as you go.

Once all the posts are in place it should go much quicker, but there will be times when a shift while the concrete is drying happens, and a post or two may have to be dug up and reset. This is where copious amounts of patience are required, and will be appreciated by your family as well. Adding the fence rails will come next to your plastic fence job, and these will usually have preset holes to bolt them on to the posts. Once the railing is in place this is where you will want to make sure everything is level, and true before going on to the adding your fence planks, or picket.

When placing your order for the vinyl fence, make sure and ask them to help create an emergency repair supply to add to the final order. This will help in situations where if a tree, or just a tree branch falls on the fencing, that you can have enough parts in reserve to perform a quick fix to this type of situation. It will cost much less in the long term to make an extra purchase like this up front. Also keep extra copies of your invoice in various places, so if you ever need to order additional replacement parts, you will have an accurate set of part numbers to reference.