Electric Fences – Will They Keep Your Dog Safe?

Electric Fences – Will They Keep Your Dog Safe? Dog owners want security for their…

Electric Fences – Will They Keep Your Dog Safe?

Dog owners want security for their beloved pets. They do not want their dogs to run away and get lost, or run out into the road and potentially get injured. However, many people would rather not have a tall fence around their yard, for aesthetic or other reasons. Invisible electric fencing seems like the perfect solution, keeping the dog in the yard without affecting the home’s appearance. While electric fencing is useful in some cases, it also has some important limitations that dog owners should be aware of.

Electric fencing is not advisable for any situation in which the dog is unsupervised. There is simply too much that can go wrong. For one thing, the electric fence will not keep other animals from entering your yard. A stray could easily come on to your property and get into a fight with your dog. An electric fence can also make your pet a target for children who may taunt the dog, thinking that it cannot get to them. However, if a dog gets a strong enough adrenaline rush, it may actually charge out of the fenced-in area.

After the adrenaline rush has subsided, the dog is unlikely to re-enter the yard, as it will not want to be shocked again by the fence. In some cases, the shock will persist, and the dog may run further and further away from the fence to try to escape this sensation.

There are some cases where electric fencing is appropriate. The key factor is whether or not your dog will be under supervision. If you will be present to supervise your dog, an electric fence is fine; if not, it is not the best option. One possibility is to have a real fence in your back yard for when you cannot be outside with your dog, and an electric fence out front for when you can stay with him. Your dog will enjoy running and playing under your supervision, and you will enjoy the extra security that an electric fence can provide when it is matched with an attentive owner.