Wireless Pet Fence – How it Works

Wireless Pet Fence – How it Works

A wireless pet fence is a system that helps to keep your pet contained within a certain containment area. These are generally used for dogs and not cats or smaller pets. The system is comprised of a transmitter and a collar which you place on your dog. If the dog wanders outside of the boundary of the transmitter, he will receive a harmless and quick shock.

The cost outlay for a wireless system is far less than traditional fencing and just as effective. The only drawback is that these systems have a circular range and generally cover only a portion of a yard, but only if it is a certain size and is symmetrical. If you have a larger yard or a farm, you may want to use a wired system because it is more flexible for shape.

Many dog owners choose a wireless pet fence for its easy installation. You do not have to dig a perimeter around your yard and bury any electrical wire. Set up for a wireless pet fence takes no time at all and the signals are designed to transmit through walls and other solid surfaces. You simply plug the transmitter into an outlet and put the corresponding collar on your dog. The collar is tuned to the transmitter and if your dog wanders too far away from the transmitter, a short warning tone will sound. If the dog continues to move away from the transmitter, he will receive a correction with a quick and harmless electrical shock.

It is simple to train your dog what the tones on his collar mean, and you can help him to recognize the boundary of the containment area by placing small flags around the edge of the yard where the transmitter signal reaches.

Dogs are fast learners and it will take no time at all before your dog knows that he must not move past the flags that are planted around the yard’s perimeter. Dogs that constantly “test” your system may need an actual wired system, but a wireless system is a good starting point.

Another really great advantage of a wireless pet fence system is that it is portable. You can simply unplug the transmitter and take it with you when you visit friends, go on vacation, or wherever you are taking your dog.

Some dogs get to the point where you just need to set up flags and put the collar on, without the transmitter even being plugged in.