Tips For Keeping Your Dog Contained

Tips For Keeping Your Dog Contained

Dogs like to wander. That’s a simple known fact that many dog lovers are familiar with. Sometimes however, owners don’t want their dogs to be able to wander wherever they please for a number of reasons. When this is the case, they need a way to contain their dog within their own yard or property. Here are some popular methods used for creating boundaries that dogs cannot cross.


Perhaps the easiest solution to keeping your do contained is to put up a fence around the area where you would like to keep your dog. The fence doesn’t have to be fancy. It can be as simple as a chain link fence. Some might like to put up a fence that looks a little better or at least provides a little more functionality such as a privacy fence. Regardless of they type of fence you put up, it will help keep your dog contained nonetheless. Keep in mind though that if you live in a city neighborhood or subdivision, there may be rules regarding putting up fences so you’ll want to pay attention to those.

Electric Dog Fence

Another great solution for keeping your dog contained within your yard is an electric dog fence. Often times dog owners want to put up a fence, but then again don’t want to deal with the sight of one in their yard. The electric dog fence is the perfect solution in this case because it exists underground so you don’t have an unsightly fence to look at. The dog then wears a collar that lets him know when he is getting close to the fence either with a beeping noise or a slight jolt. After a while, your dog will learn where the fence line is and will not try to cross over it for fear of what might happen.