How to clean carpet at home


How to clean your carpet at home

The carpet remains a welcome piece of furniture, despite the abundance of a variety of modern floor coverings. It is pleasant to walk on the carpet barefoot, children love to play on it, in the end – carpets just make the room more comfortable. One drawback – any carpet gets dirty quickly and requires regular and thorough maintenance.

In our article, we share tips on how to quickly and effectively carpet cleaning at home, as well as get rid of various stains and unpleasant odors with your own hands.


How to properly care for carpet in the home

Prevention is always better than cure, so the simplest advice for keeping clean is to take timely care of the carpet’s protection from stains and wear. The second option is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. If you still want to DIY our simple recommendations will help prevent damage to the carpet and keep it looking for a long time.

  • Very hot water is contraindicated for carpets.
  • When cleaning the carpet yourself, avoid using it against the lint.
  • Do not wet clean the carpet too often – once every 3 months is enough to keep it clean.
  • It is better to remove stains immediately, not allowing them to eat deep into the carpet.
  • Do not place rug on wet floors.
  • Change the position of the carpet periodically to avoid grease and scuffs in the area of ​​the greatest traffic.
  • Be sure to place pieces of rubber under the legs of heavy furniture to reduce the deformation of the flooring.
  • High indoor humidity is detrimental to the structure and appearance of the carpet.
  • The carpet must be vacuumed at least once a week.
  • Deep clean your carpet at least once a year.
  • In winter, it is useful to beat off the carpet in the snow. Cold, like heat treatment, destroys microorganisms and bacteria.
  • You should not lay light carpets in high traffic areas – they are better used for decoration in less walk-through rooms.

Well, if a nuisance does occur, read our instructions on how to get rid of stains and unpleasant odors at home.

Carpet cleaning with Vanish and other household products

There are many household carpet cleaning chemicals available. Perhaps the most popular of them is the well-known Vanish. Despite the versatility declared by the manufacturer, this tool is not suitable for all types of coatings, and sometimes it is better to refuse its use. Let’s take a look at how to use Vanish without harming your carpet.

There are several types of Vanish shampoos: antibacterial, odor-removing shampoo, stain remover and even bleach shampoo for light carpets.

Firstly, all of these cleaning products are only suitable for synthetic products, since carpets made of synthetic threads are resistant to abrasion and fading. And carpets made of natural wool or silk under the influence of chemistry can deform, wipe off or discolor. This applies not only to Vanish, but to all household carpet cleaning products. They are not suitable for carpets made of silk, wool, brocade or suede.

Secondly, all household detergents are designed to quickly clean fresh, newly formed stains.

Finally, the third and very important remark: only foam is used for cleaning carpets, and not the liquid itself. To use Vanish and other household chemicals without harm to the carpet, it must be used correctly, without neglecting the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Correct use of Vanish for carpet cleaning at home:

  1. Before shampooing, the carpet must be vacuumed or shaken out to remove fine debris and dust from it.
  2. Prepare Vanish solution too concentrated composition will harm the carpet, and a weak solution will not cope with dirt. Therefore, the correct ratio for the preparation of Vanish is 1: 9 (1 cap of detergent for 9 caps of water). The water temperature should be no higher than 40 ° C.
  3. Whisk the solution until thick foam. To do this, just shake it up with a sponge.
  4. Using a brush or sponge, apply the lather to the carpet surface and rub in in a circular motion.
  5. If it is necessary to remove the stain, you can apply local treatment to the dirty area. But in order to avoid streaks on the surface of the coating, it is recommended to clean the entire product.
  6. After processing, leave the product to act on dirt for 2-3 hours. When the carpet is completely dry, vacuum it to collect any remaining cleaning agent.

Note! Never use dishwashing detergents or detergents on carpets. Some of the ingredients in dishwashing detergent are not suitable for textiles, just as carpet shampoos are not suitable for cleaning dishes. Remember, each cleaning agent has its own purpose, and therefore the corresponding composition. Do not use household chemicals for cleaning what it is not intended for!