Directions on How to Build a Fence – 6 Must Know Tips

Directions on How to Build a Fence – 6 Must Know Tips Kudos for deciding…

Directions on How to Build a Fence – 6 Must Know Tips

Kudos for deciding to build your own fence! This is a project that is well within the capability of nearly everyone. However, like most other building projects, pre-planning is very important. You can get directions on how to build a fence from a variety of sources such as the internet, books, building supply stores, etc. (see tip 6 below for perhaps the best source). Keep the following considerations in mind.

1. Know the local building code requirements.

At the very least, most cities and communities require you to get a building permit before starting any building project. Also, don’t overlook home owners’ association requirements if you are a member of one.

2. Know exactly where property lines, utility easements, and underground utilities are.

You are asking for trouble — and odds are you will get it — if you are not familiar with the location of these items. You want a firestorm? Just build your fence on your neighbor’s property or burst a water line and see what happens! Of these items, the utility easements are probably the least critical. But in nearly all cases the local governing body has the right to access these parts of your property.

3. Determine the type of wood you want to use.

As you might guess, many different kinds of wood are suitable for fence use. For a privacy fence, redwood, treated pine, and western red cedar are all popular choices. Things that may influence your choice are your locale’s climate, price of the wood, maintenance requirements, and problems with pests (especially termites).

4. Identify and get the tools needed for the job.

Of course you will need a hammer and saw. You will also need a wheel barrow, tape measure, shovel, and a really good post-hole digger. A pair of well fitting gloves is also recommended.

5. Note these construction tips:

> For a 6′ fence, post holes should be at least 24″ deep.

> Align and level posts accurately (start with the end posts).

> Space posts equally apart (generally, 6 to 8 feet).

> Allow cement around posts to cure a couple of days before proceeding.

> Use nails or screws that resist rust (such as aluminum).

> Apply a quality sealer/paint.

6. For directions on how to build a fence, get a good set of building plans.