Choosing a Fencing Contractor

Choosing a Fencing Contractor

When it comes to having a fence installed at the home, it is often best to go with a professional company for the work. In choosing fencing services, there are a number of different things to keep in mind and some specific questions that should be asked of the contractor before any work is done.

The first concern would be with the reputation of the company. They should be a reliable business and they should be able to provide pictures of previous work and give a list of references or referrals. If the fencing services company is not willing to provide such information, there may be some underlying issues. One place to look for information would be the Offices of Fair Trading. If the company has had complaints from previous customers, there may be records and reviews that are available.

When determining which contractor to use, having free estimates and a free proposal drawn up is essential this should be provided by any fencing contractor when asked. If there is an initial fee for an estimate, it is best to look for another contractor. A proposal will often have a timeline in which it is valid. If it will take time to come to a decision, the contractor should be asked how long the prices will be locked in and honoured.

All of the pricing information for the fence should be presented to the homeowner in advance. There should be a basic contract that outlines any necessary deposit that is required and goes over the payment terms. If there are any terms in this agreement that are unclear, these should be understood and cleared up before anything is signed. On the other side of things, if there is no contract and all of the dealings are done verbally it may be best to find a different contractor.

The services should include complete preparation and preliminary work before the fence is built. Check with the contractor to see if they are willing to take care of obtaining necessary permits and if they will work directly with local utility companies. They should also be aware of property lines and know all of this information before beginning their work.

Finally, it is important to know if the fence will come with a warranty. This should be in writing and it should be known what is specifically covered. This will vary from one company to the next and may simply cover the initial installation and workmanship or may be a long term and possibly a life time warranty.

By asking the right questions of the contractor, the homeowner will be able to be completely informed and make a wise decision on the installation of a new fence.