Benefits of Buying Wrought Iron Fencing

Benefits of Buying Wrought Iron Fencing Wrought iron fencing, like fences in general, comes with…

Benefits of Buying Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing, like fences in general, comes with a lot of benefits. They add an amount of privacy, keep trespassers out of your property; yet they are still able to contain small pets and children. However, they can accomplish much more than chain link or any other type of fencing. They are just as sturdy as standard enclosures, but they also enhance the appearance of your garden by becoming a visual part of the landscape as well.

See-through Security

Wrought iron fencing, although very ornamental as well as functional, is a handmade metal bar that comes in any size and shape. By bending the metal into unique shapes it is formed into the required design. The installed fencing is so strong that you rarely have to maintain it and because it weathers so well, it looks more authentic the older it gets.

Ease of Maintenance

Wrought fencing needs very little maintenance and when it is required, a good scrub with a wire brush, a rinse with clean water and a new coat of paint is all that is needed.

However, if the fence was neglected for a long time, it can get to be a challenge to get rid of all the rust and old paint. As usual with repainting, it is the preparation that is the most important and it takes time to do a proper job. You can use any proprietary paint and rust remover and a steel brush to remove the old paint and rust, making sure that all the chemicals and rust is washed off with cold water after completion.

There are several methods to follow for repainting, but the most important point to remember is to apply the paint as thick as possible. The normal process is to apply a primer and then the base coat. The recommended paint is an automotive epoxy paint, which you can find at paint stores that sell automotive paint. However, this paint will require a hardener which can set you back at least $100 a gallon, but it is well worth it. Use an ordinary paint brush to apply the paint, but remember that the hardener will only give you about six hours before the brush gets too stiff to use; so mix only a small amount if you have a large area to cover. One plus point of this paint is that it will last several years longer than traditional paint.

Fence Installation

If you page through the internet you will find many wrought iron fence manufacturers, some of which also cater for the DIY market. Their fences are designed and manufactured in panels, which makes it possible to be installed easily over a weekend. Set your posts 8ft apart in concrete, slip the mounting bracket into the horizontal frame and screw it onto the post and voila, you’ve got your fancy fence.

Prices of Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fence is custom-made and therefore it isn’t cheap. Depending upon the ornamental craftsmanship, the height and width of the section and the design, it can range from $50-$250 dollar per section. Larger gates can cost even more. However, because it can be an expensive exercise, you don’t have use it to surround your entire property. Try to be creative and install it where it will have the most aesthetic impact.

Wrought iron fences have been used for many centuries. They always increase the beauty and market value of a home, and adding a beautiful wrought iron fence to your lawn and garden is always a change for the better.

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