Tips For Planning a Backyard Pool Party

Tips For Planning a Backyard Pool Party

What is the perfect way to spend a warm summer evening with friends, or to celebrate a summer birthday? A pool party! But before inviting people over for a swim, make sure you’ve got all of your bases covered, especially the safety of your guests.

If you have the right deck design and keep safety a top priority, your backyard pool party can go on without a hitch. Following is a look at some fence and deck design considerations to keep in mind when planning to entertain by the pool.

Fencing and Decking for your Pool

By law, pools are considered an “attractive nuisance,” and the homeowner is responsible for any injuries that occur during its use–even by an unwelcome trespasser. As a result, homeowners often build fences and decks around their pool to make it more secure. If you want to install a new pool or increase the security around an existing pool, consider adding a fence, deck or both.

Remember that your deck or fence will be exposed to a lot of water, so when choosing materials, pick durable, moisture-resistant materials with minimal deterioration. Here are some pool construction considerations:

Secure fencing. An important element of your pool is the fence around it. A fence will prevent uninvited guests–including neighborhood children–from entering your pool, plus it makes it easier for you to monitor who is going in and out during a pool party.

A pool fence should be at least four feet tall, and kids shouldn’t be able to climb under or over it. You could consider a chain link fence installation for this purpose, but make sure the openings are no larger than 1-3/4 inches, to prevent any foot- or handholds.

Finally, the gate should have a self-latching lock and swing away from the pool. Some people recommend installing an alarm that sounds when the gate opens, to alert you whenever a child may be opening it.

Safe decking. If you plan to build a pool into a deck, there are different requirements than there would be for a regular backyard deck. First, you need to use slip-resistant decking materials, such as Endeck PVC decking. Between wet feet and kids splashing water, the deck around a pool can get pretty slick. This is especially true for materials prone to mold or mildew growth, including cedar. Endeck boards have a classic wood grain texture and are resistant to mildew and mold, which helps to minimize the chances your guests will slip and become injured.

Pool Party Decorating Ideas

Now that you’ve secured the infrastructure around your pool, it’s time to start planning the party:

– Decorate the area with tiki statues, garden flamingos, inflatable palm trees or acrylic flowers. Choose brightly colored cloth or floral prints to cover your chair cushions.

– Place side tables next to chairs so your guests have somewhere to put their plates and cups. Make sure plenty of sunscreen is available, and consider putting out waterproof disposable cameras.

– Decorate large tables with grass skirts, fruit bouquets, tropical flowers and seashells.

By planning ahead and keeping safety in mind, your next pool party will be a huge splash.