The Electric Dog Fence – What Everyone Should Know About Electric Dog Fences


The Electric Dog Fence – What Everyone Should Know About Electric Dog Fences

You might be aware that there are several alternatives available including: electronic fences for dogs, invisible dog fencing and collars, or dog fence panels.

Electric Dog Fences

To start, you will be presented with a choice between a wireless or in-ground electric fence for your dog. We will cover the basics of the wireless option first.

Wireless Dog Fence

This is one we highly recommend simply because of the convenience provided in installing and getting setup quickly. You will be provided with a base system and a collar for your pet. The boundaries are basically set automatically based on the placement of the base unit.

The principle is quite simple. Whenever your dog gets too close, they will hear a beeping from the collar and may receive a slight shock

If they venture beyond the electronic boundary, they will receive a shock, so in a way, they will quickly train themselves. One big bonus of going with a wireless system is you will find it very convenient to take with you on your travels with your best friend.

One thing you must always keep in mind is the transmissions are limited, so if you have a large, or irregular area to cover, you will need another base so the electronic boundaries will overlap each other and provide proper safety for your pet. This situation can also be solved with the other option available.

Underground Electronic Fences for Dogs

Similar to the wireless systems, these will also use a collar programmed to emit a signal which will cause it to beep when your dog comes close to the underground wire. If they venture beyond it, they will receive a shock. Of course, this will require having the wiring put in place in basically any set up you desire.

Two of our most popular systems would include the Innotek or Petsafe brands.