Seven Types Of Fences

  When it comes to fencing, there are several different options for the kind of…


When it comes to fencing, there are several different options for the kind of material you can use, each with its own advantages. Nortex Fence can help you install any of them, but it helps if you know which fence you want; that makes it so much easier to plan your fence and install it.

Wrought Iron

This is one of the most traditional materials, and one of the toughest. This is the one that is used for when you need a fence that is difficult to get into and will generally keep pretty much anyone out. While it does require some maintenance, as it is iron and therefore subject to rust, it will last a lifetime and still look pretty good.


Arguably one of the most versatile materials, wood can be used for a variety of different effects and feels. It can be put into a number of different configurations and can even be painted or stained as needed. While it does require a certain amount of maintenance, it is still a great material for those looking for privacy and keeping people out.

Wire Mesh/Chain Link

While not as versatile as wood or as stiff as wrought iron, this is still an effective material. It is great for areas subject to storms, especially wind storms, and is great for general purposes. Better yet, as it is usually made of stainless steel, it requires little maintenance; keep it clean and it should last a long time. As it is also reasonably priced, it makes for great fencing material.


While not as versatile or as downright hard as wood, bamboo is better for situations where privacy is more of a concern. It usually comes in rolls, allowing it to be quickly installed. All you need to do is install the posts and then unroll the bamboo fencing. It is flexible, allowing it to better resist wind, and can be quickly washed down; for those looking for a little privacy, it is an excellent material.


While not as durable as iron, meaning that it will bend under duress easier, aluminum can otherwise do anything that iron can do. Also, because it does not rust or corrode, it is great for areas that receive a lot of rain or other precipitation; this is also why it is used around pools. For those looking at what happens if you need to remove the fence, aluminum is also easily recycled, making it easy to dispose of should you decide on a different fencing material.


A good alternative to iron, steel is a little more resistant to damage and does not rust. However, it is not a DIY option and can be difficult to install. Its weight and toughness also make it more weather-resistant than most other options, and it can make for a rather attractive fence.

Electric Fence

Mostly a series of posts and tapes, sometimes with wiring, an electric fence is best for dealing with animal pests. Combined with some netting, it can also keep ponds safe and pets within its border. For those dealing with threats and issues that are more animal-based, this is a fairly decent option.

Knowing how each of these fences work helps when you finally decide that you need a fence. Nortex Fence can help you install these fences; just know which fence you want and it will make the installation that much more easier. While these can be discussed at the time, knowing ahead of time simplifies the conversation and makes you look like an expert. So come in knowing what you want and you will be that much happier with your fence.