Fence Installation Cost – The Right Material

Fence Installation Cost – The Right Material

In the UK we use fencing for a variety of different uses. We might install small decorative fencing to mark out a boundary, used as edging on a lawn or we might install high panelled fencing in a bid to increase security. Whether you’re looking to keep intruders from entering your property, or are simply looking to increase the aesthetics of your garden, it’s worth knowing about the fencing materials available to you and how they can influence the fence installation cost.

Below we’ve detailed a few of the main types of fencing material:

Metal Fences

Clearly this is a good choice when it comes to security and strength. Wrought iron fencing can be very intricately designed to create a beautiful finish whilst still retaining the strength needed to make it highly secure. They are also very vandal-proof as the strength makes them very hard to damage. If you choose metal fencing, you should make sure it’s galvanised so that it doesn’t rust in the poor weather, and you should also be aware that it’s likely to be a more expensive option than other materials.

Wooden Fences

A fence made of wood is the most popular choice that you’ll see around today. They offer limited security compared to a metal fence but provide enough of a deterrent for most people when high enough. Wooden fencing can be painted or stained to any colour you desire making them extremely versatile in any situation. When considering the fence installation cost, you should also factor in that you’ll have to do some maintenance with a wood fence, such as staining it every year or so, and possible replacing the odd warped or damaged panel from time to time.

UPVC or Vinyl Fencing

A relatively new form of fencing material, UPVC fencing tends to divide opinions. On the plus side, it’s reasonably cheap to have installed and requires no maintenance whatsoever, however a great deal of people do not like the plastic look and feel of the fencing, preferring a more traditional material.