Disadvantages of Electric Dog Fence

Disadvantages of Electric Dog Fence

Everything in the world has its pros and cons. Even in the case of a good containment system like an electric dog fence, there are several advantages and disadvantages. The best that the dog owner can do is to have proper knowledge regarding the dog fence and ensure that the cons don’t impact the safety and health of the dog. Some of the disadvantages are mentioned below:

• The main disadvantage is that electric dog fence isn’t an install-and-sit system. The dog has to be trained so that it can recognize the proximity of the transmitter and the sound/shock. This training can take a lot of time.

• Another con is that the electric dog fence is just a one way containment system. The dogs (or any other pet) which are wearing the collar cannot go out. However, any intruder, kids or a stray animal can get inside the barrier.

• It is seen that a startled or very stubborn dog might run past the barrier ignoring the shock. If this happens, then the fear of shock might discourage the pet from trying to come back in the house. Therefore, it is important to train the dog perfectly to respect the sound and the shock so that it ‘curiously’ doesn’t try to run through the barrier. Moreover, if the dog is very keen in trying the barrier then the severity of the shock can be increased a little bit.

• Another disadvantage is that the collar operates on battery. This means that it is crucial that the owner regularly checks whether the collar is working appropriately or not.