Theft of Electric Fencing Energisers

Theft of Electric Fencing Energisers By the very nature that a battery driven electric fence…

Theft of Electric Fencing Energisers

By the very nature that a battery driven electric fence energiser is left in remote rural areas invariably on the edge of fields means that they are easy targets and liable to be stolen by itinerant thieves. It is very hard to disguise their presence as the fence itself is highly visible and probably several miles long so a thief has to simply follow the fence to find the energiser and purloin it leaving valuable livestock to be free to roam or removing the necessary protection from predators. Visualise a herd of Elephants free to enter human habitation due to the lack of electric current in the restraining fence.

Reports of energiser theft has been growing over the years as more people realise how effective they are. Regrettably the energiser is the expensive component of an electric fence making it a plum target.

There are various methods of reducing theft. The first is the use of an energised metal box. This is simply a metal box that is insulated from the ground with the energiser and battery enclosed. It is then connected to the energiser so is live in itself. This metal box will have upwards of 6000v attached to it so is a pretty good deterrent in itself and has proved successful over the years. Access to the box is usually by an insulated key so is reasonably user friendly whilst being reasonably effective. There have however been reports that the whole box has been taken probably by using insulating gloves to prevent the electric shock being effective.

Another method is to cover the energiser in a camouflaged cover in an effort to make it less visible. This has been ineffective as the fence itself is still highly visible and very simple to track back to find the energiser.

Recently a new system has been introduced on the market based on a GPS locating device and electronics that are able to register that the energiser has been tampered with. As the energiser is moved or removed from the input power source the electronics register this change and stimulate a text message to be sent to a pre set mobile number. It will then transmit a GPS tracking signal for 48 hours to a mobile App allowing you to track it and locate it.

The GPS Electric Fence energisers themselves have a warning that they may be tracked by GPS as a pro active theft reduction plan. The principle here that a thief will read it, change his mind about this particular energiser and decide to look for another target. The system is not only expected to reduce theft but also increase the recovery rate of stolen energiser. This is currently very low.