Can You Really Do Aluminum Fence Installation On Your Own Easily?

Can You Really Do Aluminum Fence Installation On Your Own Easily? Do you want to…

Can You Really Do Aluminum Fence Installation On Your Own Easily?

Do you want to get an aluminum fence for your home, but are hesitating because you don’t know if you can do the installation yourself? Then you need to understand that you can easily do the aluminum fence installation on your own once you know the steps to take to do it right.

The following are the steps that you need to take to get your new fence installed right from the beginning.

One: Have the right tools and supplies – When you are going to install an aluminum fence, you have to have the right tools and supplies to get it done right. The most essential items that will be needed include:

– Power digger and hand diggers

– Tape measure of 100′

– Level

– Pliers and tin snips

– String line and metal or wood stakes

– Power hacksaw

– Phillips head tips and a screw gun

– Rubber mallet and a hammer

– Wooden blocks for holding fence in place

– Cement mix

Two: Time – Installing a fence will take around 10 to 20 hours. Before you start, it is important to make sure you have the time to get it done correctly. If you don’t have time, then it may be a good idea to find someone to do that installation for you.

Three: Get the work site ready – It is imperative that you learn where the underground utility lines are so that you don’t get hurt and so that you don’t damage them. You also have to know where your property lines are and be sure they are marked.

Also, walk around the area where the fence will be installed and remove anything that will get in the way of installation.

Four: Make sure you have all the fence materials – You want to go through all the fence materials to be sure they are all there before you begin.

Five: Start the installation – You first want to put the stakes in wherever you will be placing the fence. Use the string line as a guide to help you get it right.

Six: Post holes – The next step is to mark the where you will dig the post holes. Use the string as you guide and then only dig a few holes at a time.

Seven: Install panels – Look at the directions that came with the fence and start installing the individual panels.

Eight: Level – You have to be sure that you level each post so that your fence is installed correctly and doesn’t end up crooked or uneven.

Nine: Gate opening – Now it is time to set the gate opening, which can easily be done with measurements and the supplies you already have.

Ten: Tweak – You want to take time to go back and tweak what you have already installed. This is important to ensure it is done correctly and everything is straight and even.

Eleven: Install gate – Once you have done all of the above steps it is important to now install the gate.

These are the basic steps that need to be followed to help you easily do the aluminum fence installation on your own. It is important to read directions and follow the instruction guide that comes with your fence to ensure you get it right from the beginning.