Tips for Building a Halloween Fence Installation

Tips for Building a Halloween Fence Installation

Halloween is the time to transform your yard into a trick-or-treater’s dream. Of course the displays of whimsically crafted jack-o-lanterns are the traditional form of Halloween decoration, but why not try something different this year?

With the use of salvaged fence materials or PVC pipe to mimic wrought-iron fencing materials, homeowners can take their lovely front yards and transform them into spooky cemeteries that costumed children will delight in come the big day. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


It’s not that difficult to create a creepy graveyard with some initiative and creativity. You can make your own quirky tombstone using Styrofoam or a more environmentally friendly option such as plywood. If you don’t have the proper tools to work with wood, you can always opt for old materials (fence and deck suppliers may even have free torn-up fence materials available).

Once you’ve planned out the sizes and shapes of your tombstones, cut them out from the materials you chose and paint them achieve a stone-line texture. If you are using wood, start off with a gray or off-white primer, then add the stone texture paint. For Styrofoam, the stone paint can be directly painted on. After it’s dry, you can add your epitaphs, symbols and other artsy twists.

The last step is to figure out how to install your tombstones in your yard. You can place a pumpkin in front and behind the tombstone to prop it up, or attach a stake to each tombstone and secure them in the ground.


A great finishing touch to your cemetery is a small wrought-iron fence surrounding it. Don’t worry, you don’t need to go spend tons of money on new fencing materials; homeowners can turn to these following temporary fencing materials in order to complete the creepy graveyard effect:

TRELLISES. Though trellises are not permanent fencing materials, they make a great decorative graveyard fence for the holiday. Make sure you purchase enough of this inexpensive item from a fencing materials supplier in order to fully surround your cemetery. Take out any cross slats that you don’t want or need, as it help creates a good fence-like impression. For that wrought iron look, paint each trellis black. To secure the fence, attach garden stakes to each trellis with plastic zip ties and hammer them into the ground.

PVC PIPE. PVC pipes also make great wrought-iron fence. DIY-ers should first decide how tall the fence will be and then cut all of the PVC pipe to the same length. To make cross bars, you can use wood slats. Again, use garden stakes to anchor the fence to the ground.

A couple of finishing Halloween touches to add to any fencing materials you have in your yard are strings of orange lights and fake spider webbing. Adding plastic skulls or mini-pumpkins to the tops of your fence posts also adds a fun twist.