Three Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing Vinyl Privacy Fence

Three Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing Vinyl Privacy Fence There are many options available…

Three Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing Vinyl Privacy Fence

There are many options available when choosing a vinyl privacy fence and it can become somewhat confusing. Here are some basic questions and scenarios one might come across when purchasing vinyl privacy fencing.

1.) Customer says: “I have narrowed it down to two different companies but one has a bigger rail then the other what should I do?”

2.) How important is the 1″ u-channel on both side of each section some companies offer it while others do not? Should I pay extra for it?

3.) When I order a 6 ft tall vinyl privacy fence is that what I am getting?

Question #1:

The size of the rail doesn’t necessarily determine the total strength of the fence. You can have a smaller rail with a stiffener in it and it would be stronger then a larger rail with out a stiffener. Larger rails have become a way of convincing people that they are getting something better. Bigger is always better, RIGHT? Well this is not necessarily true. The most important things to consider are how deep the pocket is and if they are using a metal stiffener.


The u-channel is extremely important when purchasing a vinyl privacy fence. The u-channel will increase the wind load of the fence and quite frankly just looks better. Most of the time the installer will need to cut the last picket and unless the cut is perfect you will have a gap between the picket and the post. U-channel is a small price to pay for what you get in return. I would not purchase vinyl privacy fencing without u-channel.

Question #3

When you buy a 6″ Tall privacy fence you are expecting a six foot tall privacy fence right? True 6′ Tall privacy fencing is 72″ from top of top rail to the bottom of the bottom rail. Some companies shave two inches of the panel to save money and still market a 6′ privacy fence. Let me explain what I call the 2″ IPM. Consider that you are selling thousands and thousand of feet of vinyl privacy fencing that costs.35 cents an inch vertically. You determine that if you can shave 2″ off the panel and change your specification to include a 2″ gap between the bottom rail and the ground then you can be more competitive and INCREASE PROFIT MARGIN (IPM). With this scenario every thousand feet you save $350.00. Most companies do openly distinguish between the two but it is important to be aware of these differences. Ask the company you are purchasing your privacy vinyl fence from if you are getting a true 6 ft tall privacy fence or if it requires a two inch gap at the bottom for the top rail to be 72″ Tall.