Preventing Soiling of Buildings by Feral Pigeons

Preventing Soiling of Buildings by Feral Pigeons

Feral pigeons are loved by the ones who kindly feed them, and hated by others who chase and torture them. It makes our symbol of the Holy Spirit and peace becomes denigrated to a flying rat or flying rubbish. An undisputed and particularly visual pigeon problem is faecal residue. Combined pigeon deposits can weigh up to several tons and costs A�15 million a year to clear up. Droppings deface buildings and can in the long term destroy them. Feral pigeons have become a problem in almost all larger towns.

(Haag-Wackernagel 1997b, 2000b, 2000c) analyzed the most common pigeon excluding systems and stated that; – “…there are basically two systems: deterring systems by contact and those by distance. The latter try to keep pigeons off permanently from a specific area by sending visual, acoustic, magnetic or olfactory impulses. Those defence systems (ultrasonic sound, magnetic pulses, olfactory repellent, all kinds of scarecrows) that physically keep pigeons at a distance are inefficient in the long run, according to our as well as other scientists’ studies (Woronecki 1988, Griffiths 1988, Bomford & O’Brien 1990). On the other hand, systems that keep pigeons away by contact are generally more reliable.”

Repulsion by contact utilizing non-lethal, pulsating charges of low amp electric fencing has proved highly effective at preventing the roosting and fouling by birds on numerous highly important architectural sites around Europe. Electric Bird Deterrent System provide a hugely valuable new professional management option alongside traditional bird spikes, bird nets and bird wire. It does not harm the birds.

Feral pigeons alight on their chosen roost by landing on the edge of the ledge and then walking in. This habit then allows you to position two wires (one live, one earth) on the lip of the ledge. These are then connected to a specially developed energizer developed for the pigeons that operates at a lower power rating so that when the bird lands on the wires it receives a mild electric shock and is repulsed.

The wires and insulators may be positioned to allow the wires to follow complex curves providing total protection for valuable architectural features. They are individualy appled and are capable of complex deviations and applications making them very suitable for any building. The ideal bird deterrent system is inconspicuous and chemically compatible with the building components. The system is reversible so that, if removed, the building could be restored to its original state. Moreover, the system is easily accessible for building maintenance and does not trap debris so eliminates routine cleaning.

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