My Dog Won’t Stay Inside the Fence – What Can I Do?


My Dog Won’t Stay Inside the Fence – What Can I Do?

Do you have one of those dogs that just won’t stay inside your fence no matter what you do? It seems that no matter how many dogs I have, I always manage to have one who is an escape artist.

I bet I know what your yard looks like. You have all kinds of areas here and there along your fence line where you have piled up various items to block your dog from going under. Every time he digs a new hole you place a new cement block, piece of wood, bucket, or any other handy item there in order to stop him from getting out.

But it never seems to work, does it? I know the feeling, believe me. I have 5 dogs and one of them is very good at getting through the fence. I finally solved the problem by installing an underground wire fence with an electronic collar. We don’t use it exclusively, we do have a physical fence too, but it works great.

The shock is very light, and in fact I have been shocked myself plenty of times. And once your dog experiences this “shock,” which is more like static electricity, they stay away from the fence. It really solves the problem once and for all, and I highly recommend an underground fence. You can look online and get one for just a few hundred dollars, and it will be plenty to do a very large yard, even an acre or two. We have 5 acres and have set up half of it for the dogs with no more escapee issues.