Keeping Electric Fencing to a Safe User Level

Keeping Electric Fencing to a Safe User Level Many people are still very cautious about…

Keeping Electric Fencing to a Safe User Level

Many people are still very cautious about using electric fencing to protect their land or premises. As a result they find their property or land comes under regular attack from unwanted intruders as they are able to easily by-pass the current barriers in front of them. What these people fail to understand is electric fencing can be kept to a safe level, deterring both intruders and their livestock from crossing the barriers, without causing any lasting harm to either. Many livestock owners use these fences on a day to day basis to safeguard their animals from potential predators and to stop their livestock from escaping. Electric fencing can be kept to a safe user level and it is important if you are installing this fencing around your property then you adhere to the advice provided.

It is important to understand that these fences can cause serious harm when set to full charge. Most accidents that people hear about are caused by a fully charged fence. The owner has either ignored the advice given or accidentally switched the power to full. Regardless, adjusting the settings so the fence is not fully charged, you will deliver an electric shock that is moderate to the trespasser or livestock trying to move across the barrier. Providing regular checks on the voltage levels to make sure it hasn’t been switched to an unprecedented level is very important.

When installing an electric fence around your premises it is wise to put up warning signs alerting trespassers of the potential danger ahead as well as other users of the premises. Hopefully this will deter them from entering if they are uninvited.

When installing your fence it is important that you fully understand what you are doing. If for any reason you don’t understand what to do, speak to an electric fence contractor and they will come around to install your fence. They will also test it to make sure it is working correctly.

Electric fencing should never be tampered with or modified before the manufacturer has been consulted. There are many different electric fences on the market and each one has been specifically modified for a particular purpose. Altering the fences composition can affect how it works. In the case of an emergency it is essential that a set of instructions are left near to the power source to allow anyone who needs to disconnect to do so.