How Does 1 Ton AC Save Energy?

As we move forward and advance in tech we are continuously over-exploiting our resources without…

As we move forward and advance in tech we are continuously over-exploiting our resources without any hesitation.  We are using more than we need. It is that time when we should think about the limited amount of energy that we have and rethink solutions to prevent the wastage of our resources. 

The hot weather has made it necessary to have an AC installed in our workplaces and homes. But a solid alternative to it can be using a 1 ton AC that saves energy. 

Delve deep into the article to understand how 1 ton AC helps to combat energy wastage and is a sustainable option. 

Why choose 1 ton AC as a sustainable option?

  • Optimized cooling 

1-ton AC is optimized to have enough cooling capacity to cool small spaces like bedrooms or small living areas. It focuses on eliminating unnecessary cooling and saves energy consumption.

  • Energy star rating 

1 ton AC is equipped with an inverter compressor and smart sensors. It helps to optimize energy based on cooling requirements and ultimately saves money on electricity bills.

  • Programmable thermostats 

These AC come with energy-saving models. You can easily program the AC to operate at specific times so that it does not waste energy during cooler hours of the day. These features help to make the AC function optimally and reduce energy consumption by a major amount.

What can you do to save energy with a 1-ton AC? 

Users play an important role in saving energy. You can ensure the following steps to make sure that you do not waste energy and utilize your AC optimally. 

  • Insulating your space 

Properly insulate your space. Make sure that the windows, doors, and other areas are well covered allowing the cool air to not go out. This also helps to maintain a consistent temperature. 

  • Regular maintenance 

To ensure long-lasting energy efficiency, maintenance, and regular servicing are crucial for AC. Continuously replace and clean your filters and check proper flow to enhance the performance of your AC unit. 

  • Turning it off when not required. 

AC is not required 24*7. Try turning it off during the cooler part of the day and make sure that you turn it off before leaving. It should not go unattended while you go out. Every minor step counts to utilize energy efficiency and contribute to a greener environment.

LG Dual Cool Split Ac- 1 ton 

Check out the all-new LG AC of 1 ton that will keep your electricity bills under control and still prevent you from increasing heat. 

Key Features: – 

  1. It has a dual inverter compressor that comes with 10 years warranty.
  2. It saves 70% more energy as compared to conventional AC due to its dual inverter compressor. 
  3. It cools 40% faster than the conventional AC. 
  4. It is verified by TUV Rheinland for faster cooling and efficient power saving.

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