Deter Trespassers With Electric Fencing

Deter Trespassers With Electric Fencing It may sound harsh to some of you that are…

Deter Trespassers With Electric Fencing

It may sound harsh to some of you that are reading this to deter trespassers with electric fencing, but there are some places where the perimeters must be safeguarded more closely than even the perimeters surrounding our homes. At these places the ability to deter trespassers with the use of electric fencing means that everything inside the perimeter will be safe and protected from unwanted visitors.

When you deter trespassers with electric fencing the person who would be an intruder will receive an electric shock when they attempt to enter the premises without permission. The shock they will receive will be strong enough to cause them to think twice before they ever again try to get into a place where they are not welcome, but it is not strong enough to maim, kill, or provide any lasting damage to the person in question.

Electric fencing of this type is used in commercial applications around businesses, airports, and all other places that require high security measures because they are at a higher risk of being vandalized or robbed. Commercial businesses have to worry about stopping individuals that would like to come and steal things from them, but they also have to protect themselves from being sued when an attempted robbery causes the burglar to be injured while on the premises. That sounds ludicrous, but if someone is breaking into a commercial establishment and is injured in the process they can sue the proprietor for their injuries. Electric fencing will stop them from ever receiving any injuries while on your property.

These fences are more apt to help you stop robberies from occurring in your neighborhood because they not only stop the intrusion they can also alert authorities that the intrusion is in progress with alarms. The fencing is set up to detect when someone is trying to intrude and alert all the appropriate officials of what is occurring. This will allow law enforcement to be able to respond and possibly catch the perpetrators in the act of breaking in.

If the electricity to the fence were to be disabled the electric fencing will be able to remain operational for approximately ten hours. This means in the event of a power outage the fence will keep the area secure. Should someone cut the power, and attempt to enter the premises, the fence would still emit an electric shock to deter them, and would also set off alarms with the local authorities?

If you think that there is no way that you can afford this measure of protection at your business then you need to think again. This type of enclosure is actually quite affordable and easily installed. It can be integrated with existing alarms and CCTV systems you may already have in place, and it is tamper resistant. For a lot less that you expect you could have the security of knowing that come rain, or shine, or sleet, or hail, your property was being protected from thieves, robbers, and vandals.