Benefits of Electric Fencing

Benefits of Electric Fencing

There are several benefits to be had from installing electric fencing around your property. Some places benefit more from the installation than others do because some places are more likely to be vandalized than other places are.

Electric fencing allows you to have a tangible, visible, and realistic, deterrent against unwanted visitors on your property. Unwanted visitors are those that would vandalize the premises, steal something from the premises, or someone that could be injured because they are in the wrong place at the wrong time. This is especially true of places that may have dangerous chemicals or tools in areas that children could possibly stumble onto them and injure themselves.

Electric fencing will cut down on the number of times your property is burglarized. This type of deterrent sends an electric shock to the person that tries to breach it without actually injuring the person permanently. The best part of it all is that once someone realizes how painful those electric shocks can be they are reluctant to try another fence that says it is electric fencing.

Electric fencing can be installed to work in conjunction with the CCTV you already have in place. This means that the fence can alert you to the possibility of the intrusion and the police can be summoned to the property with a remote alarm system. This might give law enforcement the opportunity to catch the criminals in the act and take them off the streets for good.

Electric fencing can retain its power to shock when it is tampered with for up to ten hours after the supply of electricity is disabled. So even if a criminal disables the electric they will get a shock when they try to cut the fence, or climb the fence, or open the gate without the proper code. In case of a power outage or a black out you will have no reason to worry because your fence will still be on guard. During power outages are the most frequent times for vandalism and robberies of some types of establishments.

Your property will be safe from thieves, vandals, and others, and your insurance rates on the structures on the property may be lowered because of the electric fencing. When you have this type of deterrent in place you are less likely to have insurance claims filed saying someone was injured on the property, and you are less likely to file claims claiming loss of property due to theft.

This type of enclosure is more suited to commercial properties than to homes in subdivisions due to the close proximity of homes to each other. Most homeowners do not wish to inadvertently cause pain to small children or pets that cannot read the warnings about the possibility of electric shock.

When you do install this type of enclosure signs warning people that they can and will be shocked if they touch the fence must be clearly placed along the perimeter of the fenced off area. These warnings protects you from liability should someone touch the enclosure.