White Picket Fence Gate

White Picket Fence Gate

White Picket Fence Gate can be made of chain link or mesh wire and steel, timber or concrete posts. Other materials may include timber boards and railings. This may be used mostly areas where termite infestation is not so rampant. After the chain link or timber boards are in place, a live fence of desired vegetation can be added. This type of fencing is good instead of the normal masonry walls. Erection is quick and it has very good aesthetic features.

How to Fix a Picket Fence

For a White Picket Fence Gate made of timber boards and railings, treatment is necessary to make it durable. Erection is by marking out the boundaries. Use a string for alignment and dig holes at six and a half feet centers for posts. Put the posts, add anti termite protection and concrete into the holes. Use posts of four by three inches wide and of five feet long. After two days, nail railings in three rows of four by two inches onto the posts horizontally.

In White Picket Fence Gate using, off cut boards of eight by two inches can be used as they have a nice rustic feature. If not desired use wrought wood. Nail this boards upright onto the railings. Keep spaces of at least two inches between the boards. For weather protection use gloss paint or vanish to keep timbre color. add straining posts at the comers at forty five degrees for supports. The boards can be cut triangular at the top for weathering.

After the Split Rail Fence Gate is in place, where the gate is to be provided use steel posts. concrete this and ensure to have the hinges welded to hang the gates. For more aesthetic looks later, hedges can be planted along the fence. Plant into ones compound not the neighbors. This is to ease management and to avoid trespassing. The live vegetation can be allowed to grow past the height of the boards. Trim the vegetation to the desired height.