Vinyl Privacy Fence

Most Vinyl Privacy Fence are about six feet tall, but there are many varieties of fencing available. If you want to make your outdoor area more secluded, or want to block out a harsh view, getting a vinyl privacy fence might be the best solution.

Often people will put Vinyl Privacy Fence around one specific area of their yard. If one spot is viewable from the neighbors house, or there is a favorite place you want to be able to relax without prying eyes, putting fencing just around that area can often do the trick.

Choosing the Right Vinyl Privacy Fence

Most towns and cities will have specific zoning requirements about privacy fencing. So, before you run out and install fencing all along your house, make sure you are meeting the requirements. If you put in Vinyl Privacy Fence that does not meet zoning specifics, you will get fined and most likely, have to take it down. This can be an expense in itself! Zoning can affect the height, the material, and the location of fencing allowed around your home.

Vinyl privacy fencing can be difficult to install. There are several factors that have to be taken into consideration that don’t necessarily apply to wood fencing. With Types Of Fence, weather is a factor. Heat and cold will cause the fence to expand and contract. Make sure that this is thought of during the installation process. Wind can easily knock down a privacy fence that is not installed properly. Make sure that your posts are at least two feet into the soil. If you are in a high wind area, consider going deeper.

A great tip for vinyl privacy fence installation is to do a test run. Put in some sticks and run white sheets between them. Do this exercise on a mellow weather day. Leave this test fence up for a few days and see what happens. How do you like the view of this fence? Would you rather block out a different area? Move your fence around to make sure you get the privacy you really want.