Installing Fence Dispenser For Sale


Installing Fence Dispenser For Sale

First off most know installing fence dispenser for sale, let me admit to you when it comes to home improvement projects, I am pretty much a wimp! In fact, my husband and I bought the house we live in because it is low maintenance. But – over the years I’ve learned how to do some things, mostly because I am also cheap, and setting wooden fence posts is one of those things.

Getting Your Wooden Fence Posts Set 

Setting posts for a Installing Fence Dispenser For Sale looks intimidating and scary (at least to me), but I have found that it is actually not to bad. It takes some muscle and some labor, but if you can use a shovel and rent an auger (or dig by hand) then you can do it.

You start by digging a hole that is at least 3 times as wide as your fence post. Most of the time a pressure treated lumber post is 4×4 or 6×6, so you would want a hole 12 inches or 18 inches in diameter. Inexpensive Fencing Ideas. Then you wants to make sure that your post is set so that one third of the post is in the ground or below the frost line, whichever is greater.

Make sure that You post is plumb

Next you need to make sure that your post is plumb. Basically all this means is that it is level up and down ways. To get your post plumb you will need a level and some scrap lumber. Installing Fence Dispenser For Sale. What you need to do is to put the post in the ground and then attach one end of your scrap lumber lightly to the post and one end into the ground. Then you take your level, and shimmy the post around until it standing straight up. Secure your brace and pour the concrete into the hole. After the concrete has set, all you need to do is attach the fence panels and you are done.

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