Xactimate Estimating Service Helps Restoration Contractors Restore Homes More Effectively

Xactimate estimating service helps contractors…but how?  Xactimate is the program that most insurance companies use to write estimates for losses on their clients residential or commercial property.  An insurance adjuster works for the insurance company.  Because of that, they will try to make sure the insurance companies best interest is in mind.  Doing so can result in estimates from the insurance company that are unrealistic at best.  Such estimates can not include work that is hidden, or other work that definitely needs to be done to restore the property to its pre-loss condition.  The problem that results is that the restoration contractor is not able to restore the home the way they would like to because the funds aren’t there to do so.  While this does not always happen, it happens frequently enough that an Xactimate estimating service becomes a necessity for the restoration contractor.

What Does an Xactimate Estimating Service do?

An excellent Xactimate estimating service will provide the contractor with an experienced independent estimator to look over the insurance estimate.  The independent estimator will create a new estimate that the contractor can send to the insurance company.  The insurance company will be likely to increase the amount of the claim.  

Anyone can learn how to use Xactimate.  However, having real world restoration experience as well as adjusting experience and decades of on the job work in the field is mission critical.  These independent estimators are often known as Xactimate estimate writers as this term defines very well what they do, they write Xactimate estimates.  

Qualities of an Xactimate Estimate Writer

An Xactimate estimate writer should have many fine qualities.  First and foremost, the Xactimate writer should be honest.  An honest independent estimator is going to ensure that items are not added to an estimate just so the value of the estimate goes up.  This is not appreciated by insurance companies and they will grow to not trust such an estimator.  

An Xactimate estimate writer should be astute.  Why is an astute estimator needed?  No legitimate need should be missed on the job.  Astuteness will be a quality of an estimator if he/she has real world restoration experience.  Real world experience ensures that the estimator knows what is going to be needed to complete the job.  This then helps the contractor restore the property to its pre-loss condition in a very complete manner, not being forced to make tough decisions about materials or how to do a job.

There are a variety of other qualities that a good Xactimate estimate writer should have as well.  Not all can be listed, however if they are honest, astute, and experienced in restoration, then he/she will likely provide a good Xactimate estimating service.

How to find an Xactimate estimating service

Finding an Xactimate estimating service is not hard.  Find a really good one with real world restoration experience and decades of experience with Xactimate is another story.  Be sure to look around and consider all options.  Ask the right questions to ensure you are getting the independent estimator that meets the guidelines laid out here.  When you do, it will be likely that you will find the right Xactimate estimating service for your restoration business needs.