Vinyl Horse Fence Gates

Vinyl Horse Fence Gates

As far as safety goes, a Vinyl Horse Fence Gates really is your best option to fence in your horses. It has no nails, staples or sharp hardware to harm your horse or other animals, and the vinyl has no moisture or taste so horses won’t be inclined to chew or crib on the fence.

Additionally the Vinyl Horse Fence Gates has exceptional impact resistance, should your horse charge into the fence, unlike a wood fence that will split and possibly injure the horse, a vinyl split rail s made to “give way” where the rail is designed to pop off under extreme impact and you can easily just pop it back in. As a result there is no damage to your horse nor to the fence. The vinyl comes in a variety of different sized rails, colors and textures to choose from.

The Best Horse Fence

Yes, you can have your Vinyl Horse Fence Gates look and feel like real wood! The new CertaGrain textures by Bufftech Vinyl offers several colors to choose from giving you this real wood look and feel. Or perhaps the Crossbuck design for those seeking a more decorative look. The 2-Rail and Crossbuck styles are offered more as decorative accessories to your property, while the 3-Rail and 4-Rail is the functional Vinyl Privacy Fence for horses and animals.

Often people wonder about hot-wiring a vinyl split rail fence and the answer is yes, you can definitely hot wire these split rail fences. All the fence styles come with corresponding gates for easy access as well.
So if you are looking for a safe way to corral your horses or other animals, that has a real wood look and feel, that can be hot wired, that never has to be painted or stained and is built with exceptional impact resistance you need to be shopping for a vinyl split rail fence.