Using The Electric Fence To Cage Your Dog

Using The Electric Fence To Cage Your Dog Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s…

Using The Electric Fence To Cage Your Dog

Dogs are commonly referred to as man’s best friend; they are you’re only truly loyal companion and ask for little or nothing in return, except for food, shelter and love. Dogs should be treated as a member of the family, with the love and respect one would have for a child. You would never lock your child in one room with an electrified door handle so they are restricted to this one area, so how is it respectable to keep your dog locked down by an electric dog fence?

Many people argue that dogs cannot be trained without firm discipline. A good strong telling off and a slap are exactly the things your pet needs to behave correctly, right? In reality no animal or indeed any creature responds well to bullying. The fear of doing something wrong and the resulting conflict is a strong deterrent, but it can almost be guaranteed that you will never get the best out of your pet by doing so. It is much kinder to the animal in question to set gentle boundaries when young. By training them correctly from puppies, the same principles can be applied to bringing up a child with the correct morals. From this, it would not be necessary to at a later date, to cage them into an area for which there is an electrified fence restricting them and potentially hurting them.

Electrified fences are inhumane. It is illegal in many countries to use electrifying fences except in the guarding of houses or valuable goods. It is unbelievably cruel to put your dog, which you chose with such love and tenderness to begin with, at risk of seriously hurting themselves through curiosity. It completely defies good ownership and commitment to ‘man’s best friend’.

One of the methods that is commonly used to cage dogs is an electrified net. This creates an electric barrier which gives the dog a shock, to ensure that they do not go near the net again and cross their boundaries. No regard is given to the dog in the amount of electricity which is pumped through their bodies, all that is defined is that it will give them a ‘mildly’ painful shock to make them react to the boundary. It is the same principle as getting pricked by a needle; a thousand times over in one area of the body. It cannot be denied that the dogs in question will certainly feel pain.

Another method is by stringing wire across conductors to create a barrier which when touched will again, ‘mildly’ shock the dogs. The cruelty in this situation predominantly depends on whether the dog in question can actually see the barrier before it’s too late. Try to picture yourself trapped in your bedroom, stopping a scant metre or two from the door and getting electrocuted, by something you cannot see or sense. Imagine your disconcertion and fear. Now imagine that from the point of view of a dog, who does not have the capability for rational and logical thinking, and I think nobody can deny the cruelty of the situation.

A lot of people do not see their pets as members of their family, but as animals to occasionally spend time with. When we start to treat our dogs with the respect they deserve, we will get so much more from them just by not using electric dog fences.