Sometimes it is just not kosher to put up that tall, wooden privacy fence. There are different options to building a privacy screen that are not loud and obnoxious, and will still make your neighbor enjoy you. If you are ready to put that fence up, whether it is for your privacy, because their yard looks terrible, or for the sake of your animals, building a natural friendly fence is the better way to go.

When building a friendly fence, the nice term for a privacy screen, it is important to get the correct type of bushes that will make a proper hedge. Hedges can be somewhat overwhelming, because they require constant maintenance, trimming, and pruning. If you are not the biggest fan of doing yard work, there are particular types of bushes and shrubs that you will want to purchase to limit the amount of growth out and around the hedge.

A popular privacy screen shrub is the Nellie R. Stevens Holly tree. The best part about a holly hedge is that generally holly will stay green throughout the year. This will prevent ever having that dull brown hedge when the summer gets hot and dry. This type of plant also is dense, so you will not have patches in your hedge if you plant them right and prune them correctly. These plants grow quickly, so you’ll be able to get a lot of hedge very quickly with these. Since it is a holly, you will enjoy the dark greener all year, and in the winter you will see lots of red berries that add a lot of nice color to your plants.

With hedges, since you are able to order plants that grow quickly, it is not too late to buy. You can take advantage of what is left of the growing season, and get a very nice hedge planted. Stop building your expensive wooden privacy fence, buy some great shrubs and get them planted, they will grow in thick, and in no time you will have complete privacy in your back or front yard.

It is never too late to get a shrub and start growing your hedges for your perfect friendly fence. You can order online and take advantage of a lot of great websites that offer all different types of shrubs and bushes for your backyard. If there is something that you do not see at your local nursery, check online and see if you can get it shipped to you, you will have a lot of different types to choose from.

It is not too late to get started in your friendly fence. If you need to build a privacy screen, start building it today with shrubbery. Using certain types of plants, you can grow a great friendly fence, and have something to look at besides a giant wood fence in your backyard. Your neighbors will probably thank you too because it will be so much easier on the eyes. Once you have researched the shrubs for you, go online and place an order today so that you can start growing your friendly fence.