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Child Safety – Best Four Products To Protect Your Kids

Child Safety – Best Four Products To Protect Your Kids

To any parent out there who has kids, you know all the dangers that they are confronted with on a daily basis. And kids will be kids! They are naturally curious and adventuresome. One thing about them that you will learn if you don’t already know this is that they are fearless. So they require some outside supervision and all the help taking care of them to keep them safe. Here are four tools that can help protect your kids.

1. Bike Lights.

These bike lights can be seen from over 200 feet away and have automatic left and right turn signals. They are easy to mount on any seat post. The batteries will give up to 50 hours of usage. This is one of the best safety devices for bikes. And what kid doesn’t have a bike?

2. Portable Fence Barrier.

Not every home has a fenced in yard. With this highly visible water-resistant nylon netting you can create a visual boundary for your own kids and for the neighborhood. It creates an easy to see barrier that can stop balls, pets or kids from going out into the street or into the driveway. If you don’t need it anymore, roll it up for easy storage and portability. It is 3 feet high and 20 feet long and acts as a great way to protect your kids when playing outdoors.

3. The Child Guard.

This is an electronic device inside a cute little cuddly panda bear worn by the child. It sends out a signal to the receiver which is held by an adult. The signal is adjustable from three to 21 feet. If the child goes beyond that distance the receiver held by the adult starts to beep.

Most parents have experienced a child wandering away in a park, in a grocery store, department store or just about anywhere. There is nothing that can strike fear in the hearts of parents faster than the thought of a missing child. The Child Guard Alarm is the best way to put those fears to rest.

4. Pool Protector Pool Alarm.

California has more drowning accidents from children one to four than any other state in the country. Over 900 kids every year die in drowning accidents. Most of those occur in backyard swimming pools. The pool protector is a high-tech monitoring system that sounds an alarm if somebody falls into an unsupervised pool. The alarm sounds inside the house from the remote receiver and at the pool. If anyone should remove the device, the alarm sounds.

These four products can go a long way to protecting your kids.…

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The Fence

The Fence

A windstorm blew through some time ago.

Two sections of our back fence came down – screws ripped right out of the wood. The post in the center, though solidly set in cement at the appropriate depth, had rotted clean through. Hence, the culprit gust of wind had successfully twisted and shorn the post in twain.

As a result, two adjacent sections of our fence, up to that time joined (rather solidly, I surmised) by the soon-to-be shorn-in-twain post, lay flat on the ground, leaving a gaping hole in our otherwise secure fence line. A pair of stock cars could have driven side-by-side through the opening; hence, in this present condition the three canines which shared our abode could – and would – wander freely from their standard confines.

A certain lack of appropriate materials being needed to affect permanent repairs meant that the fix this early morning would amount only to what was necessary and sufficient to keep our dogs from roaming the neighborhood that day, I imagine in a pack of sorts. Nails which were clearly not up to the task, screws designed for some purpose which only a master carpenter might know, a short section of twine (string or twine – what the heck’s the difference?), a roll of mesh tape (you know the kind: for doing plaster repairs), and a few short sections of 2×4 boards were neither technically, nor by anyone’s non-technical standards, the materials needed for the task.

I did, however, have a grand tool – a high quality, tempered steel hammer (Craftsman, I believe), with only a slight bit of rust on the handle.

These would all have to suffice to accomplish the job in the short time available. After all, “time is money,” as they say, and as a pretty important guy, my time, I would like to think, is worth a little more money than most others’. Besides: my part of the matrimonial deal is to bring in the money that somehow always manages to get spent. I’m the bread-winner – I’ve never been quite sure what that overly clich?�d term means – and not the baker; certainly not the fix-it guy!

Now, being the rational man, I assumed that a simple “straight-line” wind gust, as all the weather anchors called it, would have resulted in the cross boards for the downed fence sections remaining in something resembling a “straight line.” Oh, the pitfalls of rational thought. I leaned the sections up where they should have simply fallen into place, and was met by a gap on one side about the length of what I imagine a thoroughbred horse would be.

I first nailed one end of the fallen fence sections to the decent wood remaining in a standing post on one end (to be honest, I was amazed at how a quality hammer could eventually drive those mystery screws through the 2×4 cross board and into that bloody post), I used the fullness of all my might, along with the forty extra pounds I carry, to force that other end of the joined fence sections to the other standing post, forming a sort of roman arch laying tipped on its side.

I mean, the Romans knew what they were doing when it came to engineering and architecture…Before I could finish the thought; the screws I had expertly driven into the first post began separating from said post, with one even flying off with the velocity of a bullet. I can’t swear to it (and I won’t in a court of law), but I think I actually heard a ricochet somewhere in the distance.

So now, with the gentle encouragement of my wife, I did what I had intended all along (no, really!), which was to wedge the broken post just over its former position and attempt to nail it in place using what resembled six-inch spikes – I think they were also invented by the Romans, but that’s a different story. Nails are great hardware when you have good wood to work with. They generally suck when it comes to rotten wood.

So that’s where the twine (string?) came into play. Using my best Boy Scout granny knots, I somehow managed to secure the tiny stump of existing post to the piece still connected to the detached section of the fence. With a few odd nails and screws precariously holding the fence in place, I began to make good use of the plasterers mesh tape. Surely it would offer enough strength for the job if wrapped around the planks of adjacent fence sections enough dozens of times. Right?

As the mesh strained and ripped under the tension roughly equivalent to an ancient catapult (again with the Romans!), I quickly used the extra 2x4s to brace the newly added, …

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Top Notch Training Aids For Stubborn Dogs

Top Notch Training Aids For Stubborn Dogs

Stubborn dogs can cause their owners an array of problems at home; from getting into the trash repeatedly to digging so many holes in the backyard that it’s beginning to look like Swiss cheese. These can be issues that cause owners regret and frustration. However, with some excellent training aids, lots of patience and firm consistency a dog can be turned around for the better. The most important aspect of training a stubborn dog is consistency. With a set of expectations and consequences, dogs feel more like handing the reigns over to their master.

Invisible Dog Fence

For the expert runaway, an invisible pet fence will provide a dog with clear and consistent boundaries which he will not want to cross. No matter how sneaky or fast a dog may be, a fence like this is a great investment. They come with a power unit that plugs in to any standard outlet, a wire antenna, and a dog collar. The wire antenna serves as the boundary for the dog and it is powered by the unit by making a complete loop and plugging in again on the other end of the wire. This wire is flexible and can be made into whatever shape needed. For areas as small as a flower bed or as large as 2,800 feet around, an invisible dog fence will meet anyone’s needs. The collar administers shock correction once the dog gets too near the wire boundary, which can be buried underground or laid on top of soil or grass. The system can even be carried to campgrounds or dog parks as long as there is an outlet accessible. Dogs stay put with fences like these!

Dog Crates

A dog crate is a wonderful tool to provide a dog with a place they can be while they are not being supervised. Crate time is great for overnight as well to avoid accidents in the house. If an owner will be out of the house for a few hours, the dog can be crated and when everyone returns, the trash is still intact and there aren’t any potty accidents waiting to be cleaned up. Couch cushions can also be victims of a stubborn dog who is angry about being left alone. A crate can eliminate this bad behavior as well. Once they learn that someone is coming back for them every time, they relax and enjoy the crate.

Dog Tracking Collars

These training collars are especially helpful for those who hunt with their dogs. They can keep track of a wandering dog who is just learning how to hunt and search or who is slow to learn, even after several trips. Dog tracking collars use radio waves in the dog collar to transmit the signal to the handheld receiver that the owner holds. This great tool can keep track of a dog so that consistent training can be delivered every time; this will help with teaching a dog even faster. Try a new GPS dog tracking collar as well and see how much better they can track versus the radio wave systems!

Training can be easy again with these amazing tools meant for stubborn dogs and their frustrated owners. Try them today and you’ll notice a positive change right away!…

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Three Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing Vinyl Privacy Fence

Three Important Questions to Ask When Purchasing Vinyl Privacy Fence

There are many options available when choosing a vinyl privacy fence and it can become somewhat confusing. Here are some basic questions and scenarios one might come across when purchasing vinyl privacy fencing.

1.) Customer says: “I have narrowed it down to two different companies but one has a bigger rail then the other what should I do?”

2.) How important is the 1″ u-channel on both side of each section some companies offer it while others do not? Should I pay extra for it?

3.) When I order a 6 ft tall vinyl privacy fence is that what I am getting?

Question #1:

The size of the rail doesn’t necessarily determine the total strength of the fence. You can have a smaller rail with a stiffener in it and it would be stronger then a larger rail with out a stiffener. Larger rails have become a way of convincing people that they are getting something better. Bigger is always better, RIGHT? Well this is not necessarily true. The most important things to consider are how deep the pocket is and if they are using a metal stiffener.


The u-channel is extremely important when purchasing a vinyl privacy fence. The u-channel will increase the wind load of the fence and quite frankly just looks better. Most of the time the installer will need to cut the last picket and unless the cut is perfect you will have a gap between the picket and the post. U-channel is a small price to pay for what you get in return. I would not purchase vinyl privacy fencing without u-channel.

Question #3

When you buy a 6″ Tall privacy fence you are expecting a six foot tall privacy fence right? True 6′ Tall privacy fencing is 72″ from top of top rail to the bottom of the bottom rail. Some companies shave two inches of the panel to save money and still market a 6′ privacy fence. Let me explain what I call the 2″ IPM. Consider that you are selling thousands and thousand of feet of vinyl privacy fencing that costs.35 cents an inch vertically. You determine that if you can shave 2″ off the panel and change your specification to include a 2″ gap between the bottom rail and the ground then you can be more competitive and INCREASE PROFIT MARGIN (IPM). With this scenario every thousand feet you save $350.00. Most companies do openly distinguish between the two but it is important to be aware of these differences. Ask the company you are purchasing your privacy vinyl fence from if you are getting a true 6 ft tall privacy fence or if it requires a two inch gap at the bottom for the top rail to be 72″ Tall.…

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Bubble Foil Insulation – Important Instructions

Bubble Foil Insulation – Important Instructions

When you utilize the bubble foil insulation then you are effectively blocking the progress of heat as the bubble foil plays the role of a radiant fence in the hot and cold season. The research has shown that this kind of insulation is best for the hot season when the temperature is very high. The concept of heat transfer is that the hot air looks to travel to cold areas, therefore due to increase in heat of an object, the quantity of energy dispersed rises at a very high rate.

Remember one suggestion when buying the bubble foil insulation, always purchase coated bubble foil, with that you will obtain 2 to 3 coats of very reflective sheet which is divided by slim synthetic net covered between the foil panels. This will actually aid in creating air-gap between every cover. One specialty about this insulation is that they are resistant to waste and dirt but in the case of single covered radiant fence the dirt will significantly decrease its performance.

This foil may be utilized on the skewed base of the roofing and also on the garret as well. In case of garret utilize the pierced foil to permit the water departure to the outdoor. In the cold season, it is sensible to look at the base of the foil cover for wetness, in case the dampness gathers then amplify the quantity of perforation.

Remember to not let the ultra violet sun rays to fall on the bubble foil insulation because the brilliant reflectivity for energy will actually dissolve the synthetic material or may initiate a flame. Fasten the foil when you are setting it up, loose bubble foil may create shallows that grasp the complete attention of the ultra violet sunlight and then it can cause a calamity as well.…

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Seven Types Of Fences


When it comes to fencing, there are several different options for the kind of material you can use, each with its own advantages. Nortex Fence can help you install any of them, but it helps if you know which fence you want; that makes it so much easier to plan your fence and install it.

Wrought Iron

This is one of the most traditional materials, and one of the toughest. This is the one that is used for when you need a fence that is difficult to get into and will generally keep pretty much anyone out. While it does require some maintenance, as it is iron and therefore subject to rust, it will last a lifetime and still look pretty good.


Arguably one of the most versatile materials, wood can be used for a variety of different effects and feels. It can be put into a number of different configurations and can even be painted or stained as needed. While it does require a certain amount of maintenance, it is still a great material for those looking for privacy and keeping people out.

Wire Mesh/Chain Link

While not as versatile as wood or as stiff as wrought iron, this is still an effective material. It is great for areas subject to storms, especially wind storms, and is great for general purposes. Better yet, as it is usually made of stainless steel, it requires little maintenance; keep it clean and it should last a long time. As it is also reasonably priced, it makes for great fencing material.


While not as versatile or as downright hard as wood, bamboo is better for situations where privacy is more of a concern. It usually comes in rolls, allowing it to be quickly installed. All you need to do is install the posts and then unroll the bamboo fencing. It is flexible, allowing it to better resist wind, and can be quickly washed down; for those looking for a little privacy, it is an excellent material.


While not as durable as iron, meaning that it will bend under duress easier, aluminum can otherwise do anything that iron can do. Also, because it does not rust or corrode, it is great for areas that receive a lot of rain or other precipitation; this is also why it is used around pools. For those looking at what happens if you need to remove the fence, aluminum is also easily recycled, making it easy to dispose of should you decide on a different fencing material.


A good alternative to iron, steel is a little more resistant to damage and does not rust. However, it is not a DIY option and can be difficult to install. Its weight and toughness also make it more weather-resistant than most other options, and it can make for a rather attractive fence.

Electric Fence

Mostly a series of posts and tapes, sometimes with wiring, an electric fence is best for dealing with animal pests. Combined with some netting, it can also keep ponds safe and pets within its border. For those dealing with threats and issues that are more animal-based, this is a fairly decent option.

Knowing how each of these fences work helps when you finally decide that you need a fence. Nortex Fence can help you install these fences; just know which fence you want and it will make the installation that much more easier. While these can be discussed at the time, knowing ahead of time simplifies the conversation and makes you look like an expert. So come in knowing what you want and you will be that much happier with your fence.

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The Ins And Outs Of Finding A Great Plumber

Finding a plumber whether you’re on a budget or not can be a little difficult , particularly if you’re experiencing a plumbing emergency and need quick support. Instead of employing the first or the least expensive plumber, you can find, do some homework and make sure you’re getting a qualified contractor as well. Selecting someone who doesn’t do a decent job or who doesn’t know much about plumbing makes you vulnerable to much more expensive harm and plumbing needs.

Steer Away From Really Low Prices

Similar to many companies, some plumbing services usually take advantage of individuals who don’t have much money. Not every plumber is proud of their services, some plumbers deliberately offer cheap costs in return for bad services. Customers are tempted to get cheap plumbing from them until they figure out the plumbers are untrustworthy. A couple of occasions, inexpensive is costly. Affordable plumbing thereby means a decent price for professional work.

Licensed Plumbers Are Ideal For The Task

In specific areas plumbers need to be licensed, which ensures that they have to pass exams to show their abilities. Some countries ought to register a plumber, which does not ensure expertise. Plumbing services Orland Park IL plumber can promise professional work and should provide a fair price for the work performed. Individuals should ensure that they request to see the qualifications of the selected plumber before work can be completed at home. There are completely separate rules for each state with respect to plumbers. It is also important to ensure that the legal specifications of their state are reviewed in advance.

Ask Family & Friends About Possible Plumber Recommendations

If you have relatives and friends who have been using plumbing services in the past, it’s worth knowing. They could have located a highly skilled and reasonable plumber who can provide fantastic plumbing services. If someone you know has received poor services, so you could be sure to avoid that specific plumber. In the event that family and friends are unavailable to provide assistance, an individual can seek references from local businesses. Restaurants, bars, and stores typically have plumbing systems and are sure to have employed a plumber in the past.

Check Out More Than One Plumbing Company

Your inclination might be to call the very first plumber, you can locate, particularly if you’re faced  with a plumbing emergency. But with this direction, you might not pick the ideal value. You might still end up employing someone without a lot of experience or high quality practices. Please call three or four plumbing services in Orland Park IL      to get quotes. This allows you more choices to compare which choice is cheaper and which provides better service. You also get a feel of their customer service when you speak to plumbing services. If the individual answering the phone is unpleasant or does not seem to have time for you, try another business.

Cost Comparing

And if you’re on a budget, it isn’t always wise to go for the cheapest plumber. Someone who costs considerably less than most plumbing firms could not be of real worth. Low price may mean that the plumber is not eligible or is not currently approved. Avoid the desire to hire a general handyman with no plumbing expertise to save money. Paying regular plumbing prices for your region ensures you’re going to get a qualified plumber. Taking a gamble on someone who’s not eligible is putting your home at risk. If the job is not completed properly, it could result in more significant harm to your house. When you look at the quotes, make sure you equate the plumbers fairly. Take a look at the net expense and the overview of payments.

Plumbing work is among the most impactful repairs that take place at home. So, if one employs an unqualified plumber to work at home, it may end poorly where the plumber makes matters worse. The homeowner will have to spend more on correcting the initial issue and the new damage. This occurs more often than not, so seeking an affordable, high-quality plumbing can be daunting.

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What Commercial Door Repair Experts Owe Clients

As any other device or appliance may fail, commercial doors are bound to damage and failure as well. In such cases, identifying with professional companies that offer reliable services is the best thing to do. However, many factors and issues usually stand in between the success of this undertaking, such as unprofessionalism, unqualified experts, and undesirable results.

All those put into perspective; it is only logical for any property owner who experiences such cases to get help from a reputable company. Similarly, people have endless commercial repair companies’ choices to choose from as they please, and that is where additional problems arise. Battling between the many, options often leave property owners stranded on cases of first time experience.  But when someone does due diligence while hiring a commercial door repair Arlington company, they will be assured of plenty of services. Some of which bring comfort and the peace of mind property owners deserve. Below are the many things that commercial door repair experts owe their clients.

Complete Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to commercial door repair Arlington, the experts will have a lot to do. Apart from the actual work that will correct the issue, they owe it to their customers to do a perfect job. Ultimate customer satisfaction spans many things; one of them is doing the service excellently and on time. While some experts always leave as soon as they accomplish the job, they usually, if not all the time, leave clients with other problems to deal with later. An indispensable repair company owes it to their clients to leave the premises only upon ascertaining that they are satisfied with the final work.


Professionalism is one aspect of experts’ attributes that involve many issues. From being friendly, good presentation, using the right tools, kindness, creativity, and outright indication of knowledge. The strictest adherence to professionalism will ensure quality results. Undoubtedly, every client would love to hire experts with desirable practices and relations with them. Kindness, willingness to help, and showing the strictest respect to the properties and other people within the commercial premises are fantastic qualities.

Timely Services

 If a door fails to operate at odd hours, it is only logical that the owner get services within the shortest time possible. Commercial door repair experts are the ones who come to the site to deal with the issue. When a business owner is looking for a company to handle their problems, hiring from within the locality will ensure fast access and timely results. That also informs the essence of hiring a company that serves 24/7 with clear and desirable emergency plans for untimely door complications.


A top-notch company that offers repair services has a lot more than expected to provide their clients regarding flexibility. Prices, for example, are some controversial issues that every normal being will want to negotiate. A company that understands this will be the darling of the day when they can negotiate the costs of repairs with their clients.

Another concern that will need flexibility is the general terms of services. That is from payment as either upfront or after the service, and the commercial door repair company should work with what suits the clients best.

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Benefits of Buying Wrought Iron Fencing

Benefits of Buying Wrought Iron Fencing

Wrought iron fencing, like fences in general, comes with a lot of benefits. They add an amount of privacy, keep trespassers out of your property; yet they are still able to contain small pets and children. However, they can accomplish much more than chain link or any other type of fencing. They are just as sturdy as standard enclosures, but they also enhance the appearance of your garden by becoming a visual part of the landscape as well.

See-through Security

Wrought iron fencing, although very ornamental as well as functional, is a handmade metal bar that comes in any size and shape. By bending the metal into unique shapes it is formed into the required design. The installed fencing is so strong that you rarely have to maintain it and because it weathers so well, it looks more authentic the older it gets.

Ease of Maintenance

Wrought fencing needs very little maintenance and when it is required, a good scrub with a wire brush, a rinse with clean water and a new coat of paint is all that is needed.

However, if the fence was neglected for a long time, it can get to be a challenge to get rid of all the rust and old paint. As usual with repainting, it is the preparation that is the most important and it takes time to do a proper job. You can use any proprietary paint and rust remover and a steel brush to remove the old paint and rust, making sure that all the chemicals and rust is washed off with cold water after completion.

There are several methods to follow for repainting, but the most important point to remember is to apply the paint as thick as possible. The normal process is to apply a primer and then the base coat. The recommended paint is an automotive epoxy paint, which you can find at paint stores that sell automotive paint. However, this paint will require a hardener which can set you back at least $100 a gallon, but it is well worth it. Use an ordinary paint brush to apply the paint, but remember that the hardener will only give you about six hours before the brush gets too stiff to use; so mix only a small amount if you have a large area to cover. One plus point of this paint is that it will last several years longer than traditional paint.

Fence Installation

If you page through the internet you will find many wrought iron fence manufacturers, some of which also cater for the DIY market. Their fences are designed and manufactured in panels, which makes it possible to be installed easily over a weekend. Set your posts 8ft apart in concrete, slip the mounting bracket into the horizontal frame and screw it onto the post and voila, you’ve got your fancy fence.

Prices of Wrought Iron Fences

Wrought iron fence is custom-made and therefore it isn’t cheap. Depending upon the ornamental craftsmanship, the height and width of the section and the design, it can range from $50-$250 dollar per section. Larger gates can cost even more. However, because it can be an expensive exercise, you don’t have use it to surround your entire property. Try to be creative and install it where it will have the most aesthetic impact.

Wrought iron fences have been used for many centuries. They always increase the beauty and market value of a home, and adding a beautiful wrought iron fence to your lawn and garden is always a change for the better.…

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Lighted Dog Collars – Stylish and Safe

Lighted Dog Collars – Stylish and Safe

Does your dog frequently get lost when you take him for a walk? It is indeed a trying task to search for a pet that is running about here and there or has retreated to some corner of the park. The ideal solution for this problem would be to opt for a lighted dog collar that can help you to keep track of your pet without any hassle.

If you are clueless about what lighted dog collars are, they are basically collars that are designed to glow after dark. Most people prefer to walk their dogs at night, especially after dinner. You certainly don’t want to run around in the dark and trip over stones or boulders thereby injuring yourself in the process.

There is a frightening possibility too. What if your pet gets mauled by a car? It is difficult for drivers to watch out for a dog running across the road on a street that is not provided with sufficient lighting. But this situation is easily averted if your pet is equipped with a lighted dog collar. These products are designed in such a way that the collar glows brightly in the dark that allows you to spot the animal even if it is almost half a mile away.

In case you think that these collars will be tight and cause discomfort to the dog, rest assured because these are lightweight and fit snugly around their neck without being too tight. However, while buying you must select the collar according to the size of your pet. As mentioned, it should fit comfortably so that your pet does not feel suffocated.

Besides providing protection to your dog, these collars also look stylish and cute. Nowadays, a lot of people are buying lighted dog collars as a stylish accessory for their pets. The lights are available in different colors according to your choice. If you are thinking of taking your dog to a pet show, don’t forget to put on this attractive accessory and your pet will be a sure-shot winner!

Want to buy a lighted dog collar for your pet?…