Innotek IUC – 4100

The Innotek IUC-4100 is the most reliable dog fence system. The collar is a nice size, the collar batteries are rechargeable, and it has a feature that tells you when the collar is fitted properly.

The Ultrasmart Collar

The 4100 has a streamline collar that is nicely contoured to the dog’s neck. It is one of the smaller and lighter full sized collars. There are no controls at all on the collar, so it is nicely sealed, has great waterproofing and longevity. It would be comfortable with this on any dog over 12 pounds, under 12 pounds and you would be better off with the PetSafe Little Dog. The Innotek collar is rechargeable. You set it down on this charging cradle, the light starts flashing red and in 1-2 hours the light goes green to tell you it is fully charged. The charge lasts for about a month, before you need to stick it back on the charger. This feature is incredibly convenient and means you don’t need to keep buying special batteries from the manufacturer. Batteries have a good life span, we have seen collars still going strong after 5 years

The Innotek 4100 has a collar fit feature that tells you when the collar is on correctly. An improperly fitting collar is the most common reason for a dog to not respond to the dog fence, particularly on dogs with long or thick coats. – You put the collar on collar fit mode and then you fit it onto the dog. When you have proper contact with the dog’s skin the collar makes this beeping noise to tell you that you have it on right. The prongs unscrew, and the system comes with short prongs, long prongs and no-correction training prongs. This strap gets mixed reviews, most people would rather it was cloth and had a snap-type buckle like the PetSafe. Some people prefer these polymer collars because they are more durable and are easier to keep new looking.

Transmitter Box

Since there are no controls or buttons on the collar, all the controls reside here at the control box. This is both the strength and the biggest drawback for this system. Since you are adjusting all the settings here, you must have the same setting for all the dogs on the system. This is fine if all your dogs are a similar size. But if your dogs are quite different in size (more than 20-30%) this will not work well out of the box.

Inside the control box, there the following basic controls: – boundary width adjustment knob – this controls how close the dogs can get to the boundary wire – correction strength – you have three settings (high, medium, low or 1,2,3?) and the correction is progressive so the strength will increase the closer they get to the wire – field size – to adjust the system for installations up to 25 acres – battery backup – in the back of the control box, there is a spot for 8 AA batteries that give you a couple of days of power backup for the control box in case there is a power failure.


You can use the Innotek 4100 with the indoor and outdoor pods. The indoor pod sends out a circular boundary 2-12 feet, that keeps the dogs away. So you can slip this under a sofa to stop couch surfing, or keep the dog out of a room or stop them going up stairs. The rock, is an outdoor pod, cleverly designed. This works either wirelessly to create a circular boundary, or you can run up to 100 feet of boundary wire off the Rock to keep the dogs away from a flower bed or out of the fish pond. When you use these, wait about a month after your dog has learned the outdoor fence system. That is more important, and we don’t want to confuse the dog or overwhelm them with too many new rules at the same time.


The Innotek 4100 is an outstanding all around system although it has a few limitations. As mentioned earlier, there are better choices for dogs under 12 lbs, or for dogs that are very different sizes. However, for most do-it-yourselfers, the collar fit feature, rechargeable collar and battery backup, indoor and outdoor pod compatibility, and proven reliability of the system makes this a great choice.