Creative Garden Fencing Ideas From Salem’s Deepwood Estate

Creative Garden Fencing Ideas From Salem’s Deepwood Estate For unique fence installation, especially of cedar…

Creative Garden Fencing Ideas From Salem’s Deepwood Estate

For unique fence installation, especially of cedar fence materials, Salem homeowners can turn to the historic Deepwood Estate for inspiration. Salem’s Deepwood Estate is the only place where the general public can view the handiwork of Lord & Schryver, the nationally recognized first female landscape architecture firm in the Pacific Northwest. The design of Deepwood Estate incorporates both natural and man-made fence materials. Salem visitors and residents will find many of the techniques listed below at Deepwood Estates as well.

Creating Garden Rooms

The use of garden “rooms” is one of the most distinctive features of Deepwood Estate. Lord & Schryver split the garden into more intimate themed areas, including a tea garden in the English Style, a “Great Room” garden, and a secluded “Scroll Garden”. Each room is delineated from the others by a hedge or other creative fence installation. Salem homeowners can adapt this idea on a smaller scale by splitting their own gardens into rooms.

Avid gardeners can use picket fencing, hedges, or low-height cedar fence materials to create a series of smaller gardens. Add seating to make each garden room inviting. A few garden rooms you may enjoy include:

A Wine Tasting Garden. Create the perfect place to munch on cheese and crackers while sipping scintillating vintages. Define the space with a pergola or trellis covered with grape vines.

A Butterfly Garden. Attract butterflies by creating a small garden room overflowing with butterfly host plants, including bright flowers. Picket-style cedar fence materials serve as a wonderful backdrop for such a color explosion.

A Pizza Garden. Imagine walking through an Italian-style pergola to discover an entire garden for pizza herbs! Mark off a circle in your garden, and divide the circle into six wedges, one for each of your favorite pizza toppings, such as basil, oregano, parsley, onions, peppers and tomatoes.

Fence Installation Alternatives

If you want to divide your garden into rooms but don’t have enough space for a full fence installation, you can simply use arbors made of cedar fence materials as transition points. Create a doorway by flanking a pergola with shrubs or other plants, or introduce a water feature with an arbor entrance. Other uses for arbors include framing a particularly charming view, or acting as entrances for seating areas.

A privacy screen is a wonderful way to create a well-defined garden space. A privacy screen is a type of fence that Salem fence builders can add to a yard that prevents neighbors from seeing your backyard activities.

The Deepwood Estate provides many outstanding examples of creative uses for garden fence materials Salem residents and visitors can apply to their own properties. As you walk through the estate, take note of your favorite features, and consider how you can to customize them to your yard on a smaller scale. Remember, you don’t need 5.5 acres to create a breathtaking garden. All you need is a little garden know-how and well-defined garden spaces.