How to clean carpet at home

How to clean your carpet at home

The carpet remains a welcome piece of furniture, despite the abundance of a variety of modern floor coverings. It is pleasant to walk on the carpet barefoot, children love to play on it, in the end – carpets just make the room more comfortable. One drawback – any carpet gets dirty quickly and requires regular and thorough maintenance.

In our article, we share tips on how to quickly and effectively carpet cleaning at home, as well as get rid of various stains and unpleasant odors with your own hands.


How to properly care for carpet in the home

Prevention is always better than cure, so the simplest advice for keeping clean is to take timely care of the carpet’s protection from stains and wear. The second option is to hire a professional carpet cleaning company. If you still want to DIY our simple recommendations will help prevent damage to the carpet and keep it looking for a long time.

  • Very hot water is contraindicated for carpets.
  • When cleaning the carpet yourself, avoid using it against the lint.
  • Do not wet clean the carpet too often – once every 3 months is enough to keep it clean.
  • It is better to remove stains immediately, not allowing them to eat deep into the carpet.
  • Do not place rug on wet floors.
  • Change the position of the carpet periodically to avoid grease and scuffs in the area of ​​the greatest traffic.
  • Be sure to place pieces of rubber under the legs of heavy furniture to reduce the deformation of the flooring.
  • High indoor humidity is detrimental to the structure and appearance of the carpet.
  • The carpet must be vacuumed at least once a week.
  • Deep clean your carpet at least once a year.
  • In winter, it is useful to beat off the carpet in the snow. Cold, like heat treatment, destroys microorganisms and bacteria.
  • You should not lay light carpets in high traffic areas – they are better used for decoration in less walk-through rooms.

Well, if a nuisance does occur, read our instructions on how to get rid of stains and unpleasant odors at home.

Carpet cleaning with Vanish and other household products

There are many household carpet cleaning chemicals available. Perhaps the most popular of them is the well-known Vanish. Despite the versatility declared by the manufacturer, this tool is not suitable for all types of coatings, and sometimes it is better to refuse its use. Let’s take a look at how to use Vanish without harming your carpet.

There are several types of Vanish shampoos: antibacterial, odor-removing shampoo, stain remover and even bleach shampoo for light carpets.

Firstly, all of these cleaning products are only suitable for synthetic products, since carpets made of synthetic threads are resistant to abrasion and fading. And carpets made of natural wool or silk under the influence of chemistry can deform, wipe off or discolor. This applies not only to Vanish, but to all household carpet cleaning products. They are not suitable for carpets made of silk, wool, brocade or suede.

Secondly, all household detergents are designed to quickly clean fresh, newly formed stains.

Finally, the third and very important remark: only foam is used for cleaning carpets, and not the liquid itself. To use Vanish and other household chemicals without harm to the carpet, it must be used correctly, without neglecting the manufacturer’s recommendations.

Correct use of Vanish for carpet cleaning at home:

  1. Before shampooing, the carpet must be vacuumed or shaken out to remove fine debris and dust from it.
  2. Prepare Vanish solution too concentrated composition will harm the carpet, and a weak solution will not cope with dirt. Therefore, the correct ratio for the preparation of Vanish is 1: 9 (1 cap of detergent for 9 caps of water). The water temperature should be no higher than 40 ° C.
  3. Whisk the solution until thick foam. To do this, just shake it up with a sponge.
  4. Using a brush or sponge, apply the lather to the carpet surface and rub in in a circular motion.
  5. If it is necessary to remove the stain, you can apply local treatment to the dirty area. But in order to avoid streaks on the surface of the coating, it is recommended to clean the entire product.
  6. After processing, leave the product to act on dirt for 2-3 hours. When the carpet is completely dry, vacuum it to collect any remaining cleaning agent.

Note! Never use dishwashing detergents or detergents on carpets. Some of the ingredients in dishwashing detergent are not suitable for textiles, just as carpet shampoos are not suitable for cleaning dishes. Remember, each cleaning agent has its own purpose, and therefore the corresponding composition. Do not use household chemicals for cleaning what it is not intended for!

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Hints You Are Dealing With the Best Plumbing Service

Plumbing service is essential for every household. Plumbing service is responsible for waste drainage and supply of water. When the wrong person does plumbing, it will not be bearable to live in that house. It can even lead to some health complications.

Therefore, when hiring a plumber, make sure to hire an expert. However, some people don’t know how to detect the best plumbing services. Some tips can help detect a plumbing service that will deliver the best results. This article will enlighten on some hints to detect the best plumbing service.

License and Insurance

This should be the number one consideration when hiring a plumber or a plumbing company. A professional plumber should have a license and insurance. The license shows the plumber is qualified in the profession. The plumber should present his plumbing license before starting the service.

Insurance is very critical during work. It shows that the plumber understands the dangers that might hit him. Insurance also relieves the service owner of the risks that come with plumbing service. If the plumber has a license and insurance, then he will deliver the best service. If the plumber is from a company like, he should have a license from a particular company.


The best plumbing service will come from a plumber with plenty of experience. Experience determines how long the plumber has been in the industry. If the plumber has a good number of years of working, he understands what he is doing and how to do it better.

An experienced plumber should have some references. This will testify how the plumber has been doing his job. However, the references should be pleasing. They should have positive feedback. The plumber should understand the service well and should be able to detect a problem.


Hiring a plumber with emergency services will be the best idea. However, not all plumbers or plumbing companies offer emergency services. Besides, the emergency service should be 24 hours. This helps to report any problem detected in the service done.

The plumbing company should offer assistance in case of any problem. Consider asking if the company will offer 24-hour emergency service. In case the company doesn’t offer, it will be difficult to get the needed help after they finish their work. For the best plumbing service, 24-hour emergency service is a must.

Services Offered

Plumbing doesn’t involve only one service. It is a range of services. It starts by calculating and measuring the materials and the area of the service to the service itself. Some plumbers can do all the range of plumbing services, while others can do only one.

It is good to hire the person who did the quotation. The person who did the quotation will understand the place well as he was given the information needed about the service. A new plumber who doesn’t know anything apart from the information given will only do the service, and he may not understand if the place has some problems.


Some plumbers will come to do the job then start asking if there are some tools. A real and right plumber should always carry his tools. Tools will determine the competency of the plumber. If the plumber doesn’t have all the necessary tools, he will offer some shoddy service, and there will be problems within a short time, which will be an extra cost.


Excellent plumbing service will bring peaceful existence in the house. It is always good to detect if the plumbing service is excellent. Therefore, hire plumbers from recognized plumbing companies like, and they will deliver the best service. The above hints should always be a factor when hiring a plumber.

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Your Homeowners Association Management Should Be Doing These Things For Your Townhome Community

A homeowner’s association can prove to be a tremendous benefit to individuals living within a townhouse. However, it’s best seen as something of a balancing game. To get the full benefit of a homeowner association one must understand the give and take relationship it exists within. Basically, to understand what a homeowner’s association does for people one must first understand what he or she needs to contribute to it.

The first thing one should do is inquire about specific homeowner association fees. The homeowner association, or HOA, usually operates through dues paid by people participating in the system. In a townhouse situation it’s rarely an optional choice. This is part of the reason why it’s important to understand the fees. People can only fully understand what the system can deliver if they know what resources are being put into it. The homeowners association management should make it easy to find out what one is required to pay. Likewise, the homeowners association management should also make it clear how often payments should be made. This will typically be on a month to month basis, quarterly or yearly.

It’s also important to keep in mind that fees will vary by location. New York for example would typically have much higher fees than Michigan. Likewise the extent of the services will determine how much needs to be charged in dues. The more one expects of the homeowners association the more they need to take in from dues.

If the nature of dues aren’t clear when one moves in then this should be the first order of business. One can of course simply ask about the fees. But it’s far better to make a formal request for the information to be made more readily accessible by the homeowners association. This will benefit both new and current residents alike.

Of course there are significant benefits to a homeowners association. The first thing a homeowners association offers to a townhouse community is an expectation of standards. It’s important to keep in mind that most people will find this constraining at one time or another. Almost everyone feels their one exception to the rule would be fine. But if that were allowed then there really wouldn’t be any rules on appearance being enforced at all. The homeowners association serves an important purpose of reminding everyone about the standards the community as a whole has agreed on. And if disagreements continue the next benefit of a homeowners association comes into play.

The HOC will step in to act as a mediator between parties who have come into conflict with each other. This is an important part of keeping up the peace in an area. The conflict resolution impacts the community in a number of positive ways. One of the most important comes from a sense of community. It’s very easy for people to carry resentment with them as time goes by. Neighbors who feel slighted by each other tend to forget their formally cordial or friendly relationship. The HOA gives neighbors a separate entity to hold responsible for decisions. This keeps the neighborly spirit alive and well even after a dispute has been resolved.

The dispute resolution process also helps to create improvements. For example, consider the case of someone who wants to put up solar panels. It might go against current guidelines. But in making a request the rules can be updated. This can even encourage other people to make positive changes such as implementing solar in their own home.

Finally, the homeowners association will handle shared community areas. This can include gardens, walking paths, smoking areas or even trash maintenance. This ensures that the area will always feel hospitable. Likewise, it helps to keep up the overall property value of the area.

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Avoid Electrical Accidents, Call An Electrician In Richmond

Attention! If you believe that electrical work around the house is “Do it yourself” work, then you are sadly mistaken! Please don’t cut corners when it comes to securing your home and ensuring your own safety. Sure, everyone is always looking to save a little money, right?

I’m sure you can think of that really cheap person that is always happy to have paid very little money for the lowest quality work, results, and/or products. Sure, their ability to penny pinch is admirable, but let’s consider the result of trying to do all of the work yourself and not hiring a licensed professional. You walk into their home and the roof has a leak, the toilet only flushes if you toggle the metal rod beneath the lid three times, the lights make a quick spark when you attempt to turn it on… the list goes on. Hey, if this lifestyle seems desirable to you then you’ve come to the wrong place; however, if you are big on getting great quality work done to your home, and ensuring your own safety, then keep reading!

One of the most important things to consider is what situations would require a call to an electrician. Here is a list of situations that would warrant calling an electrician.

  • Anytime power is cut off instantly, where you are left in the dark or without the ability to use a specific outlet or light. This may be caused by a tripped circuit breaker or a blown fuse which could be an indicator for something much more serious.
  • When the ‘red, white, yellow, green, etc.’ skinny wires are exposed from damaged cords. It is a good idea to call a professional to get them covered safely so that any accident can be prevented.
  • When lights flicker around the house. This could indicate that too much power is being used and an electrician should be contacted in order to advise you on moving forward.
  • There are several power strips placed at outlet receptacles. You are likely using much more power than what your home’s electrical system can handle.
  • If you have several cords and plugs running under your rug and across your furniture
  • Several of your outlets are two pronged and you are constantly having to add on to the outlets around the house.
  • If any of your outlets or power sources are warm to the touch then it is super important that you get in touch with an electrician in richmond.
  • If going near wet locations such as your kitchen and bathroom are not safe
  • If your servicing panel is deteriorating with rust then the main wiring could be threatening.
  • If you have an older home then it is extremely important to have an electrician check over things to ensure that your home gets up to date to avoid any hazards.

Though some of these occurrences seem pretty simple, they can all have a pretty profound effect on how safe your home is for you and your family. It’s important to consider how vital it is to live in a safe electrical environment. When anything dealing with electrical work goes wrong, a critical safety hazard is presented. So, the bottom line is… homeowners should be very careful when dealing with electrical systems inside the home as things can get dangerous and messy pretty quick. A quick google search, like ‘electrician in richmond’ would help you locate a local license professional in your area. Remember in this instance to prioritize the quality of the work being done as it directly impacts the well-being of you and your loved ones.

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Beauty Sky Sanitizing gates / tunnels

Developed with 3rd generation advanced technology, Beauty Sky has provided DM approved disinfection gates and sanitizing tunnel for individual’s safety in public areas with the most updated models.

Sanitizing tunnel and disinfection gate are quite easy and safe to transport and install like a plug and play unit with no required special process. Both products provide 360-degree surface disinfection with anti-drip nozzle as a solution for liquid conservation. Due to successful tests and practices, each unit would disinfect minimum 1000 persons passing individually depending on the size of tanks.

Beauty Sky S Series (Black Edition)

Sanitizing Tunnel Supplier in Dubai

Developed into 3rd generation with latest technology this product is with high quality mist system that generates 50 to 100bars and create dense steam with 0.2mm filtered anti-drip nozzle produce dense particles with size of 10-15 microns that mostly suspend on air which makes less waste & efficient consumption and more effective with 360 degree coverage for the individual .

The system is complete with comprehensive solution to strong and multilayer flooring with inbuilt drainage system especially for indoor area. This model is with elegant and luxury design for VVIP areas.

  • Strong and Stylish
  • Best for Indoor and Outdoor Area
  • Less Noise
  • Concealed Built in Container
  • Concealed built in collector tank for Drainage
  • System is activated by motion sensor with Pre-set timer
  • Adjustable pump operating pressure
  • Level indicator for disinfectant refilling.
  • Equipped with heavy duty wheels for ease of mobility.
  • Customized branding upon request.
  • Disinfects up to 500 persons per one filling of built-in container (40L).
  • Body temperature scanner with face Recognition (Optional)
  • Adjustable mist activation time
  • Anti-slip ramp/Handicap friendly

Beauty Sky A Series

The product is manufactured with high quality durable frame and with proper cladding suitable for indoor and outdoor condition.

Beauty Sky Sanitizing Gates A series

The system generates 50-100bars and create dense mist with 0.2mm filtered anti-drip nozzle produce dense particles with particle size of 10-15 microns that mostly suspend on air which makes less waste & efficient consumption and more effective with 360 degree coverage for the individual.

  • Designed for minimum consumption with maximum coverage
  • Quick and efficient
  • Best for indoor and outdoor
  • System activated by sensor with pre-set timer
  • Affordable price
  • Anti-slip ramp/handicap friendly
  • Adjustable mist Activation time
  • Body temperature scanner (optional)

Beauty Sky’s professionally manufactured and designed sanitizer tunnel and disinfection gate are being served many sectors in UAE at governmental organizations, corporate accounts, malls, chain stores, banks, schools, utilities, factories and etc.

Client Reference

  • The Dubai Mall
  • EMAAR Finance Office
  • EMAAR Business Park
  • EMAAR Square Building 3
  • EMAAR Square Building 2
  • Address Fountain View
  • Marina Mall
  • Hotel Address Sky View
  • Dubai Real Estate Center
  • Noon
  • Vida Academy
  • The Greens EMAAR Business Center
  • Gold and Diamond Park

Contact :

Dubai Head Office
Unit 609, Fifty One Tower,
Business Bay,Dubai, UAE
Mob: +971 555577361
Tel: +971 4 4269000
Fax: +971 4 4308353
Email: [email protected]

For further information about Beauty Sky products, please feel free and try: and submit your inquiry via cotact us!

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Simple Wall Decor Ideas That Will Bring Your Empty Walls To Life

Wall decorating can do much to liven up a room. Any man or woman can do this job to fit his own specific tastes. The styles that are available for this are many. What they do is give the wall a unique feeling compared to other decoration styles. Whether it is large sized art or creating a wall filled with art you can add much to it. The ideas come in many forms, and even livening up a room with wallpaper is chosen. The person can do a lot to bring the mood up higher than before. Each style also says something about that person that is unique. Giving the room a look that only they may see when at his or her home.

Those who use large sized paintings or photography fill a space well. They make the wall a place with abundant art. While just providing a single piece that covers the whole area. It can show his taste in art and be viewed just once at the same time. Homeowners can also create a gallery wall that uses up much of the space it has. This takes a collection of art pieces that fill an area well. For those wanting to be specific they may choose certain kinds. For example cowboy art can be chosen and used in a group selection. His entire wall can be used with this style, to get just the right kind of feeling he wants.

For adding much to a wall space he may create an accent wall to it. This can be done by painting the entire wall with bold paint colors. Or his wall can have wallpaper or stenciling to get this job done. It takes covering the entire of the wall with the chosen style. While brightening up a space to give the area the entire focus of the wall. This also does well on small spaces that become much more lively. The use of showcase fabric will add pattern and texture to a room. This is done with the use of a tapestry, or a wall hanging on it. It can give a sense of softness while using the unique design that it has. Also a good recommendation is using wall mirrors to enhance an area. This will reflect light and add brightness to the room. The idea of it is for simple yet elegant taste. Any art piece can be used with different style frames for them. They can get fitted with frames for matching any specific style they want.

Also having a wall mural painted on it gives it more to view. The person can paint it himself or get a wall covering to use there. It will be to cover the whole area, using art that is very creative. The focus goes on an entire area, using a mural they decide reflects their home well. All wall art gives a certain feeling to the home. When a person decides on a style it will show a little about themselves. While also being a little representative of the kind of home they live in.

People want to choose a style they can turn into something unique. Those who live in the west or in ranch style homes may want cowboy art in it. It is the style they choose that reflects their personality best. That is why different choices are good to analyze. They can be what people remember after a visit to their home. Then it could be how they think of that person in the future. Using good wall decor matches the personality well.

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7 Herbal Asia Terbaik Untuk Memasak

Beberapa tumbuhan terbaik yang digunakan untuk memasak berasal dari Asia. Tumbuhan ini tidak hanya memberi rasa yang unik pada makanan, tetapi juga baik untuk kesehatan karena khasiat obatnya. Jika Anda ingin tahu jamu Asia terbaik yang memiliki kegunaan kuliner, sehingga Anda juga bisa membumbui makanan dengannya, baca terus.

Herbal secara umum dicirikan oleh rasa, aroma, kesegaran dan teksturnya. Beberapa hidangan paling eksotis disiapkan dengan menggunakan rempah-rempah yang terutama ditemukan di berbagai belahan Asia. Di antara yang paling populer di antaranya adalah:

Kucai Cina: Juga dikenal sebagai kucai karena rasa unik seperti bawang putih, daunnya rata dan digunakan untuk penyedap rasa. Seperti namanya, bumbu dapur ini biasa digunakan dalam masakan Cina.
Basil Suci: Dihormati di India, ramuan ini digunakan secara luas dalam Ayurveda karena khasiat obatnya yang unik. Basil Suci banyak digunakan di Thailand untuk menumis makanan Thailand.
Jamu Padi: Jamu ini biasanya tumbuh di iklim panas yang terdapat di Asia Tenggara. Karena aroma dan rasanya seperti lemon, ini digunakan sebagai bahan dalam kari dan sup makanan Vietnam dan Thailand.
Daun Wijen: Daun wijen terkenal karena sifat penahan kesegarannya. Ini banyak digunakan di Korea untuk membungkus makanan atau paket daging.
Beefsteak Plant: Ini adalah ramuan berbau menyengat seperti mint dan biasa digunakan di Jepang. Ini dikenal untuk mengawetkan makanan dan terutama digunakan untuk membumbui acar plum oleh orang Jepang.
Daun Jeruk Nipis Indonesia: Tanaman ini termasuk dalam famili jeruk nipis dan ditemukan di Indonesia, Thailand dan Malaysia. Ini terutama digunakan dalam masakan mereka untuk aroma dan rasanya yang sepat.
Mitsuba: Tanaman ini asli Jepang dan memiliki banyak kegunaan dalam memasak. Bijinya dapat digunakan dalam salad sementara potongan batang dan daunnya digunakan untuk membumbui beberapa masakan Jepang.
Sebagian besar herba ini tersedia di toko makanan dan bahkan dapat ditanam di rumah. Jadi lain kali jika Anda memiliki tamu di rumah, gunakan beberapa ramuan ini dalam makanan dan lihatlah mereka terkesan.Kuliner kota Malang

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Akhiran Berry Manis Untuk Musim Semi

Ketika anak-anak saya masih kecil, kami biasa pergi memetik stroberi. Saya pikir mereka makan lebih dari yang mereka taruh di wadah. Kami akan selalu membekukan banyak, jadi kami bisa menikmatinya di musim dingin.
Pai kelopak stroberi
10 ons stroberi segar (potong, taburi gula)
5 1/2 sdm tepung maizena 3 kuning telur, (kocok)
3/4 cangkir gula 1 sdm mentega
1/2 sdt garam 1 sdt vanilla
3 cangkir susu 9 inci kulit pai panggang.
Tekan beri melalui saringan untuk membuat bubur.
Dalam panci saus campur haluskan stroberi dengan 1 sdm tepung jagung.
Didihkan dengan api sedang, aduk terus.
Angkat dari api dan sisihkan.
Dalam wajan saus sedang, campur sisa tepung maizena, gula, dan garam. Tambahkan susu, aduk hingga rata.
Di atas api sedang didihkan, aduk terus.
Rebus sekitar 1 menit dan angkat.
Aduk sedikit campuran ke dalam campuran telur untuk melunakkan telur.
Kembalikan campuran telur ke dalam panci saus, aduk rata.
Didihkan, aduk terus.
Rebus selama 1 menit dan angkat.
Aduk mentega dan vanila. Campurkan campuran stroberi dan custard ke dalam kulit pai. Dengan spatula atau pisau, buatlah pusaran dekoratif. Hiasi dengan topping.
1 pint stroberi 2 sdm gula penganan
1 cangkir krim kental 1/2 sdt vanilla
Cuci dan kupas stroberi. Potong menjadi dua, panjangnya bijaksana. Kocok krim dengan gula.
Oleskan setengah krim di atas pai. Atur kelopak stroberi di atas krim. Masukkan sisa krim ke dalam tas kue dan hias. Atau buat tumpukan kecil tepat di tengah-tengah pai.
Pai stroberi enak lainnya adalah …
Pai keju stroberi
Panaskan oven sampai 400 derajat.
1 cangkir tepung serbaguna yang diayak 1/2 cangkir mentega yang sangat dingin
1/4 cangkir gula 1 kuning telur
1 sdt lemon (parut)
1/4 sdt vanilla
Campur tepung, gula dan kulit lemon.
Buat lubang di tengah campuran dan tambahkan mentega, kecil-kecil.
Tambahkan kuning telur dan vanila, lalu campur dengan garpu atau tangan Anda.
Aduk rata sampai adonan empuk.
Tekan 2/3 adonan ke dalam loyang berukuran 10 inci.
Tekan sisa adonan di sekeliling sisinya, tetapi jangan bagian tepinya.
Dinginkan semalaman. Tusuk dengan garpu dan panggang dalam oven yang sudah dipanaskan sebelumnya.
Panaskan oven sampai 450 derajat.
20 ons krim keju
1 cangkir gula
1/8 sdt garam
1/4 sdt jeruk dan kulit lemon (parut)
1/4 sdt vanilla
3 butir telur dan 1 butir putih telur
1 liter stroberi (dicuci dan dikupas)
2 sdm krim kental
3/4 cangkir jelly kismis.
Kocok keju sampai mengembang.
Tambahkan gula, tepung dan garam secara bertahap.
Kocok telur dan putihnya, satu per satu.
Tambahkan vanilla dan tuangkan ke dalam kerak yang sudah disiapkan.
Panggang selama 7 menit.
Kurangi panas hingga 200 derajat dan panggang 15 menit lagi.
Keluarkan dari oven dan dinginkan.
Tempatkan stroberi di bagian bawah pai ke atas dan tuangkan agar-agar di atas stroberi. Biarkan set.Kuliner enak Kota Malang